Zlatan Ibrahimovic Net Worth

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a famous and successful footballer who presently plays as the striker for the Major League Soccer club, “La Galaxy”. Before joining this club, he has been a part of various big teams all over Europe and has played for some of the most competitive football leagues, like the English Premier League. To know more about Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Net worth 2018 keep reading this article.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Early Life

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was born in the year 1981 on the 3rd of October in Malmo, Sweden. His father, Sefik Ibrahimovic comes from a Muslim Bosniak family, while his mother, Jurka Gravich comes from a Croatian catholic background. The couple met in Sweden for the first time. Zlatan’s football career began at the mere age of six when he started playing in the local junior clubs. Shortly after this, he became a regular in the regional club, “Malmo FF”. Although, at times he had been close to quitting football because of dire circumstances, he carried on nevertheless and went on to retrace the successful path of his idol, Ronaldo (Brazil).

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Net Worth

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Career, Awards & Achievement

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s career started with the club, “Malmo FF”, which had recently got its place in the second division league. Impressed by his impeccable game, Arsene Wagner had asked him to try for Arsenal, but Zlatan never did that. Instead, not much later Zlatan Ibrahimovic went on to join “Ajax” and moved to Amsterdam. Although, in the first season 2001-2, he was not given much playing time, he got the opportunity to play in the 1st line-up in the 2002-3 season. Further, in his Champions’ League debut, he was able to score two goals against the French champions. His goal against NAC in 2004 was voted “The Goal of the Year” by a viewer’s poll by Eurosport’s.

However, after his scuffle with a team mate, he was sold to “Juventus” in the same year. In his first season there, he scored sixteen goals, but failed to make a mark in the next season. On 10th August 2006, he was transferred to “Internazionale” where with his team he played his 100th match in the Italian league. Finally, in 2009, he joined Barcelona after a contract of 66 million Euro and got the chance to play before a full house in Camp Nou. This can be, in some ways, considered the player’s final shot to fame. Although, by this time he had managed to become a regular name among football fans all over the world, a falling out with the then Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola forced him to join AC Milan, of the Serie A.

He played two seasons with the club and in his second season he was in fact the Serie A “Top Goal Scorer”. Then in the year 2012, Zlatan Ibrahimovic joined “PSG”, the leading French football club. With the French team, he played four seasons before moving to play in the English Premier League for the club, “Manchester United” in 2016. In his second season with “Man U”, he was given the number ten jersey, instead of his initial number 9 jersey. Finally in the beginning of the 2018 season, Zlatan Ibrahimovic signed a contract with “La Galaxy”. All through his career, he has also played for the Swedish national team, but has not witnessed any major wins.

Awards and Achievements

During his time with “Juventus”, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was awarded the Guldbollen, which is the Swedish Best Footballer of the Year award. He is, in fact, the countries all time leading goal scorer. He has developed a style of playing which sets him apart from his other contemporaries.

Net Worth of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s net worth is a considerable $180 million, with his yearly earnings ranging between $27 and $35 million.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic hails from a country whose football infrastructure is not so well developed, yet with his talents, he has been able to make a mark in the football world, a feat he has managed alongside his monetary success.