Yukon Men Cast Net Worth. Find out how much the cast of Yukon Men makes.

The reality TV show Yukon Men is mainly based on the people surviving in the harsh natural conditions. The place being depicted in the movie is Alaska and the coming together of a group of tough men from Tanana made the movie a famous and popular one showing on the Discovery channel. This group of people survives on various hunting and numerous traps.

Yukon Men Cast Net Worth and Salary.

The movie is all about survival, the struggle and survival against harsh nature and weather, the chances of survival became very important to every cast in the movie, their different qualities displayed in the movie. This article will discuss the net worth of each of the casts in Yukon Men.

Stan Zuray Net Worth

Stan Zuray is one of the casts in the reality TV show, Yukon Men and has a famous and great personality with his net worth as $400, 000, which was also influenced by the movie.

He grew in Boston, Massachusetts and also Alaska. He became very famous and popular due to the role he played in the Yukon Men series; he was a man with great experience on how to survive and adapt with any condition, this manifested due to his 40 years experience in the wilderness of Alaska.

Stan Zuray's Net Worth

Stan Zuray’s Net Worth is Four Hundred Thousand American Dollar

He strongly believes in the philosophy of life, that we all learn to survive by trial and error.

Joey Zuray Net worth

Joey Zuray and his father Stan Zuray, are both parts of the TV series Yukon men, and they are both main casts. Joey became very popular by the Reality TV, and his Net worth as at 2017 is $350,000 which majorly is from the TV reality show.

He loves fishing, Hunting, and Adventure; all these helped him greatly in his survivalist role. He exhibits the attribute of being independent, and he has never been outside Alaska, he furthers his selfless attribute by helping others out.

Net Worth of Joey Zuray is $350,000

Net Worth of Joey Zuray is $350,000

Even though his net worth is somewhat dynamic and subjected to his on the Yukon Men, but he owns some property.

Pat Moore Net worth

Pat Moore, a head member of one of the families in the Yukon men series, Pat Moore’s net worth is $500,000, and he earned much of this from being a TV reality star.

He was known for his job of the local kennel in the TV reality show, and he took the job very important since there is a high presence of people who use dog sled during winter.

 Pat Moore 's Yukon men Net Worth

Pat Moore ‘s Net Worth

The head of the family role he played became very essential to the series, and he has two of his children working with him at the kernel even though his wife suffers from a serious illness and he does stay home to take care of his wife.

Charlie Wright Net worth

Charlie Wright is one of the main casts in the reality TV show Yukon Men, he is very much famous and popular for his role in the TV series, and his net worth is $450,000 as at 2017.

He is known for his multi-dimensional activity regarding having various vocations he is involved in; he is a mechanic, a water plant operator, a hunter, and trapper.

Charlie Wright from Yukon Men's Net Worth

Charlie Wright from Yukon Men’s Net Worth is $450,000

He grew up in a village and around the Yukon River and later moved to Tanana. His multi-dimensional skill made him rose to the level of being a valuable asset to the community

Yukon Men Bob Wright Net worth

Bob Wright is a cast in the Yukon Men series, and he was very prominent as a famous character, he is an outdoor man and became a high celebrity, he lives natural and simplistic life in order not to enter into any complications in the world.

Bob Wright net worth is $250,000 as at 2017, and he made this worth mostly owing to his cast in the movie series.

Bob Wright From Yukon Men' Net Worth

Bob Wright From Yukon Men’ Net Worth is $250,000

Bob was highly interested in moving away from the Tanana community and to Fairbanks. He was very much involved in the Hunting and Laying of traps community and decided to stay.

Nations Jordan Net worth

Nations Jordan is Pat Moore’s nephew in the reality TV show Yukon Men; he returned to Tanana after spending 12 years in the city.

He became famous for the type of role he played in the series. Yukon Men cast Nations Jordan net worth was estimated at $450,000. He is highly energetic and adapts to muddled situations easily.

Yukon Men’s Member Nations Jordan’s Net Worth is $450,000

Even though when he got back from the city, he was trying to establish himself, and he decided to work in the dog yard. He was determined with his settling at the community and with this try adapting.

Courtney Agnes Net worth

Courtney Agnes is one of the only female casts in the TV reality show, Yukon Men; she is very courageous and not afraid of any problem or challenges. She became very popular and famous for her attribute.

Her primary source of income becomes the TV reality show which made her Net worth $50,000 as at 2017.

She dedicated most of her time to training her dogs, and she works on the fish wheels, also hunts for food by laying traps and going hunting.

Courtney Agnes's Net Worth

Courtney Agnes’s Net Worth is $50,000 only

Her courageous character and unbending character made her family depend on her. She spends most of her at home and the wilderness in Alaska.

James Roberts’s Net worth

James Roberts is one among many of the casts in the TV reality shows Yukon Men, his Net Worth is $250,000.

He supplies firewood to many of the residents of Tanana community and he is also involved in the dog kennel business.

He has a business attribute which made him a true businessman and also anticipating in finding new ways of making a living in terms of earning cash.

James Roberts's Net Worth

James Roberts’s Net Worth is $250,000

He has a cool family which he provides for, a wife and four kids. He is a man that finds the wild very much exciting and instigating and teaching the man how to survive harsh conditions.