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In this review, you will get to know more about Forged in Fire Wil Willis net worth, his career and progression, dating and married life, kids- if there are any, and a snippet of his wiki bio.

You do not necessarily need to be famous or in the mainstream media for you to make it on the television screen. As more and more TV shows from different genres are being aired, the individuals hailing from the various section can showcase their talents and skills through the television.

Let’s take Wil Willis as an example, he retired from the army but has become successful, thanks to his television gig as a host of the famous TV show “Forged in Fire.” Let’s get started, shall we?

Career and Progression: First Military Career and later TV personality.

Wil joined the military in 1993, soon after he completed his high school education. As an amateur, he worked with the 3rd Ranger Battalion in the army. He was on duty from 1993 to 1998. He later went on to join the Air Force pararescueman for the next ten years and quit in March of 2007.

Forged in Fire Cast Wil Willis worked in military for 10 Years

Caption:- Forged in Fire Cast Wil Willis worked in the military from 1993 AD to 2007 AD

Also, he carried out performed duty with Air Force for one year. Apart from that, he has appeared on a couple of television shows, the two first series he appeared in were “Triggers” and “ Special Ops Mission,” as well as “Weapons That Changed the World” which was shown on the Military Channel.  Looking at busy and prosperous career we can assume Wil Will’s Net Worth to be huge.

At the moment, he is the host of the show, “Forged in Fire” aired on History Channel. Looking at his moves in the military service and television shows, it is obvious that he makes quite some good money.

Wil Willis Net worth

According to various sources, Wil Willis is said to have a net worth of 1 million dollars. This fortune comes from his work in the military as well as the shows and TV series he has appeared in.

Forged Fire Cast Wil Willis Net Worth is $1 Million

Caption:- Forged Fire Cast Wil Willis Net Worth is $1 Million

Although it is safe to say that large portion of Wil Willi’s net worth comes from his career as a TV personality(host of Forged in Fire, to be more specific) he made something for himself even during his career in Military.

Now since his work in tv series is still ongoing and have made plans for different other programs, we can be sure that Forged in fire Wil Willi’s Net Worth will increase in coming years.

Forged in Fire Wil Willis Engaged to his long-time girlfriend Krystle. Will Krystle Amina be Wil Willis’ wife soon? He is not married yet.

Wil is a courageous and daring individual, and this could be attributed to his military service. And because of this, many of his fans perceive him as a rigid and strict person.

However, that is not the truth at all. Aside from being a serious person on TV, he is an affectionate and loving person, and this can vividly be seen to his girlfriend Krystle Amina and family.

The couple has been dating for some years. However, Wil does not like to talk much about his personal life including his wife-to-be, and he avoids them whenever he comes across the media and interviews.

Wil Willis with his fiance Krystle Amina

Caption:- Wil Willis with his Fiance Krystle Amina

Recently, however, the couple have seemed to found a way to talk about their relationship and share it with the public. Wil got engaged to the love of his life and wife-to-be Krystle Amina early this year.

The couple shared their move on Instagram and confessed their love there. And now that they are engaged, fans cannot wait for the two to get married.

Wil Willis & Krystle Amina happy together

Caption:- Wil Willis & Krystle Amina happy together

They haven’t shared any plans on getting married soon but needless to say, fans are waiting to see Wil Willis getting married. So as for now, Krystle Amina is Wil Willis Wife-to-be.

Wil Willis Wiki bio

Some wiki sources state that Wil was born on February 13th, 1975, and he is now 42 years old. Wil comes from a military family and has lived with his father most of his childhood. He is of white ethnicity, and he is 5’11 tall.

He has worked in the army for 15 years and has a number of weapons that he has collected over time. They include SR-25 Semi-Auto Sniper, M4 Carbine, Beretta M9 Pistol, and many more. He is also known as the human Swiss Knife. He is active on Instagram and Twitter but doesn’t own a wiki page.

NameWil Willis
Year of birth13th Feb 1975
ProfessionTV host, retired army personnel
Affair withKrystal Amina
Net worth1 million dollars

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