Why did Jacque Gonzales leave QVC? Her Husband, Married, Age

Here is a television host who you may not have forgotten about. She is Jacque Gonzalez, and her dramatic life changes started last year when the news broke that she wouldn’t be returning to QVC. With that said, the former television personality has the same healthy glow and youthful appearance at her old age. She is no doubt one of the hottest celebrities in the US. Jacque has been married for 14 years and has one daughter.

Why did Jacque Gonzales leave QVC? What is she doing now?

This is a quite amazing story. At the peak of her career, Gonzales was one of the highest paid TV hosts. Her life was pretty unpredictable. No one knew she was going to end her 15-year run career with QVC. Jacque Gonzalez left her high-paying job suddenly last year, and fans have always wondered why she decided to do so. She made an official announcement on May 22, 2017, that she’s left the show. Jacque joined QVC back in 2002. Now she is on a path to pursue her passion and other personal things.

Is Jacque Gonzales still married to her husband? Meet her kids

The award-winning television and radio host boasts thousands of followers on social media. However, many of her fans do not know the beautiful host Jacque Gonzales is a married woman. She and her lovely husband Jum were joined together in Holy Matrimony in June 2004. This was after dating for a couple of years.

Image of Jacque Gonzales with her husband Jim

Jacque Gonzales with her husband, Jim

The couple opted for a simple wedding. That is the main reason not many of her fans know about her marriage life. The couple celebrated their 13th marriage anniversary last year. Gonzales and her husband are blessed with a beautiful daughter Theresa Noella. The little angel was born in 2006. Her mother always wishes her daughter a happy birthday on her social media accounts.

Apart from Gonzales’s hubby and daughter, Jacque also looks after her aged mother, Connie. She cares a lot for her 88-years old mother.


Jacque started as a radio host in Mexico. This QVC host returned to the United States and worked as a programmer in Kansas City.  In July 2002, she joined the QVC network. Her roles comprised presenting product information, conducting demonstrations and interacting with guests, celebrities, and vendors. Before joining the QVC, Jacque also worked at Universal Music Group in New York as a promotion manager.

After serving for a more than a decade at QVC, she announced in 2017 that she was quitting her job. According to her website, she left QVC to pursue other important things. When she worked as a radio host, she had the opportunity to interview and interacts with major celebrities across the United States.

How old is Jacque Gonzales? Know her age, birthday

Jacque Gonzales belonged to Spanish-American ethnicity and was born on August 13, in the United States. We do not know Jacque Gonzale’s age, and we don’t know why she does get so damn uptight about it. But she is probably in her mid or late forties. Even so, she maintains a healthy body shape and possesses a great height.