What Happened To Matt Brown From Alaskan Bush People? He is Injured. How is he doing now? Health Status Update.

Matt Brown has been off the public limelight for sometimes now. The question that has been asked by many people is where is he? What happened to him?. Worry not because for now; we are going to expose full details on whereabouts of Matt Brown, his conditions, and his next moves.

Matt Brown Accident. What happened?

The Brown family on the show of Alaskan Bush People suffered a major blow when the mother of the family was diagnosed with lung cancer, and her chances of survival are minimum

. Matt Brown is the eldest son was greatly affected by the news, but he did not appear on the show when her mother was seeking treatment.

Family members accompanied matriarch Ami Brown and patriarch Bill Brown with other clan members to South Carolina to seek cancer treatment.

He was left alone in the homestead in the rural home of Alaska. It was during the period that the camera crew also left for the business of the day leaving Matt alone. Matt Brown had a serious accident which left him in a serious condition. The camera crew on return found him bleeding profusely on the head.

But how did the accident happened? Well, it was later revealed that Matt was injured when an improvised bear deterrent exploded. He had filled the jar with gunpowder and cannon fuse and stored it in a refrigerator in his house. The mason jar exploded and therefore sent the refrigerator flying hitting Matt on the head.

Alaskan Bush People cast member Matt Brown

What Happened to Matt Brown From Alaskan Bush People

Source: Discovery

Where is Matt Brown now?

It was such a serious accident that Matt was flown to a hospital in Juneau. The doctors had to use nine staples to sew the wound in order to save his life. He was in Intensive Care Unit for some days before his health stabilized and was discharged.

The family members that had accompanied Mill Brown to California were worried about the accident of Matt. His brothers however overzealous with him getting better.” You survived, and that is the important part” Bam Brown, his brother was heard saying.

Matt has been recuperating. This, therefore, explains why he has been out of filming for the show highlighting Ami Brown’s recovery and the rebuilding of their new home in the Alaskan wilderness. Soon he shall be well to continue with his acting career.

Short Bio.

Matt was born in Northern Alaska.as a young boy, he was accredited of being friendly and could make friends in a matter of minutes and had the ability to maintain a friendship for eternity. He started fishing at a tender age. When he was ten, Matt had become an avid hunter and a fisherman. The interests of Matt range from photography, Egyptian petroglyphs and Sanskrit to mechanics and drawings. He is friendly and an easy to chat with, and his ability for problem-solving initiative enables him to look after every persons’ needs.