What happened to Chip Hailstone from Life Below Zero? Why did he go to jail?

It’s devastating news for the fans of Chip Hailstone from Life Below Zero that he is still in jail. What happened to him and why did he go to jail? The article is the answer to those who are not yet clear about his crime.

Life Below Zero is a well-known reality show airing on the National Geographic Channel since 2013. The popularity of the show has been increasing over seasons. Chip Hailstone is one of the idols of the show who has been stealing the show for his role as a hunter who lives in the wilderness of the Alaskan forest.

Today we are going to discuss the crime he has committed and the reason for his jail.

Why did chip hailstone go to jail? What happened?

Back in 2011, he had claimed that a state trooper had physically assaulted his daughter. According to him, the trooper had put his eldest daughter Tinmaiq on submissive hold while she stretched her arms out when she was only 17 years old then. He had first asked for a restraining order for his daughter and later also filed an appeal for his perjury convictions.

In another incident, he had claimed that someone had pointed a gun at his daughter. This incident had involved his son too.

Chip Hailstone in jail


Hailstone was charged twice with Perjury and twice of making false statements to the police officers in the Second Judicial Court in Kotzebue.

As a punishment, the ‘Life Below Zero’ Star Chip Hailstone was sentenced to the imprisonment.

How long will he be in jail?

As of July 2017, he was sentenced to 15 months of imprisonment leaving his family alone for hunting. Since it has been months he hasn’t been on the show, it seems he will still be away for almost a year.

His wife and married life

Chip Hailstone with his wife Agnes Hailstone

Caption:- Chip Hailstone with his wife Agnes Hailstone

Married to his Wife Agnes Hailstone for more than 25 years, the Hailstone family has seven children. Agnes, who is a wonderful wife and a super mom, loves her family very much.


With the facility of nothing in the small town like Noorvik, the Alaskan family’s source of income besides from the show is only through what they hunt. Even though, the family together manages to keep the net worth of $250,000 together.

Chip Hailstone & Agnes Hailstone together their Net Worth is $250,000

Caption:- Chip Hailstone & Agnes Hailstone together their Net Worth is $250,000

Short bio

Edward Hailstone, also known as Chip Hailstone is a hunter in the Alaskan forest. Only 47 years old Chip had traveled to Alaska 25 years back and had never returned back since then. He lives with his 45-year-old Agnes and seven children among whom five are daughters and two are sons.

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They live together in a small town called Noorvik in the freezing cold atmosphere with very less basic facilities. The only source of income to the family is hunting and the money they get through the show.