What happened to Adam Richman from Man v. Food? Why did Adam Richman retire?

Imagine having a job where all your required to do is eat and engage in food challenges. For most, it is a dream of a lifetime come true for most, wouldn’t it? Well, we got to watch Adam Richman live that dream in the food reality show Man v. Food. Check this out to find out what happened to Adam Richman from Man V. Food. Also, know about ths Man V. Food star’s new shw and see what he is doing now.

The series launched on the Travel Channel on December 3rd, 2008. Adam hosted the show for four seasons that is, since its release till April 2012. He was later to host a new show, Man Finds Food, but the Travel Channel postponed its release date. Why? Let’s find out.

What happened to Man v. Food Adam Richman? Did he retire because of a social media controversy?

Social media can pull you down faster than it can build you as Adam Richman was soon to discover in June 2014. Adam sparked a social media controversy when he posted a photo on Instagram with the following caption,

 “Had ordered this suit from a Saville Row tailor over a year ago. Think I’m gonna need to take it in a little…”

and then added the hashtag, #thinspiration.

Adam Richman

Unknown to Adam, the hashtag was often perceived to promote the eating disorder, anorexia. But when some of his followers pointed that out, Adam answered DILLIGAF (Do I Look Like I Give a F*@#).

And thereon things escalated fast as fans became more pissed off at him for this seemingly rude response. However, Adam didn’t stop there but continued to engage his critics with insults like saying,

“Grab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you,” and “Oh eat a bag of shit, dummy.”

As a consequence, Adam made the wrong kind of headlines forcing the Travel Channel to remove his upcoming show, Man Finds Food, from the schedule indefinitely.

And although this incident derailed his career and tarnished his name, it does not answer the question why did Adam Richman retire from Man v. Food? Since the show stopped airing two years before this social media fracas began.

Adam while addressing his friends and fans on a Facebook post dated 28th January 2012, notified them he’s food challenge game days on Man v. Food had come to an end. Adam explained he now sort to explore, learn, and share information about food, places, people, and travel. But a Ken Lowe, Scripps Network chairman, cited health concerns for Adam if the show continued in its earlier format as being the reason he retired from food challenges.

The show’s concept was, therefore, altered a little to become Man v. Food Nation. Now, instead of Adam engaging in food challenges, selected locals would. It, however, came to an end on April 2012 but was replaced by other Adam Richman’s projects including Amazing Eats (2012) and Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America (2012).

What is Adam Richman doing now? New show?

Now that you know what happened to Adam Richman now let’s find out what he is doing now. Does Adam Richman from Man vs. Food have a new show? check it out.

Despite the Instagram saga, Adam Richman didn’t remain out of business for long as he starred in NBC’s Food Fighters that ran for two seasons.

Moreover, Man Find Food was finally released by Australia’s 7mate on October 7th, 2014 and eventually on the Travel Channel on April Fool’s 2015. The series title was changed to Secret Eats with Adam Richman in season two which aired on the Travel Channel in August 2016.

Adam Richman with chef Cesar Herrera of Park on Fremont Travel Channel

The episodes are also currently airing on the Cooking Channel. However, we are not aware of any projects he’s working on now after retiring from Man V. Food.

But, Adam sometimes guest stars on TV shows like Harry Connick Jr Show where he appeared this April and also makes appearances on web series like The Burger Show. It’s clear Adam is yet to reclaim his former throne, but we wish him all the best.

So, now you know what happened to Adam Richman from Man Vs Food and why he left the show.