Tinker Hatfield Net Worth

Tinker Hatfield is a remarkable designer who has approached himself as a learned person in varied styles of designs and patterns. Basically, Tinker Hatfield is an astonishing shoe designer who creates designer ideas for the popular shoe brand ‘Nike’. Hatfield has designed Nike athletic shoes which have been popularly recognized and accepted by everyone worldwide. The selling amount the Nike sports shoes have been increasingly high with huge net profit over the years in the range of sports shoes.

Apart from a shoe designer, Tinker Hatfield is also a creative man with architectural ideas and designs. To bring into notice, Tinker Hatfield was the only man who came up with the new concept of sports shoe as ‘cross training shoe’ which was accepted and appreciated worldwide. Therefore, let’s find out more about how much Tinker Hatfield’s net worth in 2018.

Tinker Hatfield Early Life

Tinker Hatfield was born on 30 April 1952 in Oregon in the United States and thus he was born with an American nationality. Originally, Tinker Hatfield was born with the name as ‘Tinker Haven Hatfield’. Hatfield was born to father ‘Tinker Hatfield Sr.’ who was said to an important personality considering as a legendary figure in the United States. Tinker Hatfield did his schooling from the ‘Central Linn High School’.

During his school life, Tinker Hatfield was a remarkable athletic player who has earned great name and popularity as a college athletic player. Tinker Hatfield did his college from the ‘University of Oregon’. Later, Hatfield did his higher studies from the ‘University Of Oregon School Of Architecture’ with a degree in architecture. Tinker Hatfield was also known by the two popular names as ‘Air Max’ and the other one as the ‘Air Jordan’.

Tinker Hatfield Net Worth

Tinker Hatfield Career, Awards & Achievement

In 1981, Tinker Hatfield started serving as a designer shoe designer for the popular sports shoe brand as ‘Nike’. Tinker interest in architectural studies has made him believe in his dream career of designing shoes and other sports shoe projects. With his creative ideas in architecture and designing, he has pursued his career in this field designing work with utmost hard work and passion significantly to a large extent.

Hatfield was the first man to release the first cross training shoe worldwide under the sports brand ‘Nike’.
Gradually, Tinker Hatfield came up with other sporty features where he designs shoes for aerobics, jogging, weightlifting, and other fields of diverse sports activities.

Significantly, Tinker Hatfield has launched a range of sports shoes as ‘Air Jordan 3’, ‘Air Max’, ‘Air Jordan XX’, and various others.

Awards and Achievements

In 1996, Tinker Hatfield was honored by the ‘Sportstyle Magazine’ as the most influential people on the business sides of sports.

In 1998, Tinker Hatfield was honored by the ‘Fortune Magazine’ as the ‘100 Most Influential Designers’.

In 2008, Tinker Hatfield was felicitated by a medal at the ‘University Of Oregon School Architecture and Allied Arts’.

In the same year, Tinker has bestowed the ‘Oregon Sports Hall of Fame’ award.

Net Worth of Tinker Hatfield

The total estimated net worth of Tinker Hatfield is about $30 million approximately. The net worth of this ingenious and dextrous personality is the result of his sheer dedication and hard work towards his career.

Therefore, as a matter of fact, Hatfield has gained a huge amount of popularity and recognition which has set a new benchmark in the shoe industry in competing with other shoe sports brands. Thus, he is a man with creative ideas that has given a new dimension to the shoe brand industry with his impeccable presence of mind.