The Game Net Worth 2018

The game known for his many tattoos is a rapper, also, an actor and entrepreneur based in America. The Game came into prominence through his mixtapes; ‘Doctors Advocate‘and ‘Documentary’. Most of his songs topped the US charts making him famous. His mixtapes sold highly making him be among the highest procured rappers in the music industry.

Due to his upbringing in a notorious neighbourhood, he got into drug business and affiliated with gangs. He changed his path after suffering from gunshots and decided to join the music industry. Since the turnaround from his past life he is now one of the most successful rappers in the world hence many are interested in knowing much more about his net worth wealth. Below we have covered everything you need to know about The Game. Now let’s have a close look on The Game’s net worth in 2018.

The Game Early Life

Jayceon Terrell Taylor popularly known by his stage name, The Game, hails from Compton where he was born on November 29, 1979. He was raised with destitution in a gang based area called Santana Blocc. Before rejoining with his mother, he put into nurture care as a minor.

The Game Net Worth 2018

The game went to Compton high school where he joined sports to play basketball. He was sponsored through a basketball bursary to Washington State University, and due to his drug addiction, he got evacuated.

After engaging his long-term lover, Valeisha Butterfield their marriage plans didn’t push through as they were supposed to walk down the aisle in 2007. He later dated a teacher, Tiffney Cambridge for eight years with no matrimony.

The Game Career

He entered the music industry with the assistance of his older brother, where they both started their own music studio. He collaborated with his brother, whom he released an album, ‘You Know What’ with. After being signed by several other labels, he settled with the label, Aftermath which is owned by Dr.dre who had discovered his talent. He continued his career as a solo artist where he collaborated with the likes of 50 cents, Chris Brown, G-Unit, Kendrick Lamar, Pharell and many other celebrity personalities.

The game has produced many albums which debut the billboard charts. They include; The Documentary (2005), Doctors Advocate (2006), LAX (2008), The Red Album (2011), Jesus Piece (2012) and 1992 (2016). On his acting profession he has starred in many films and television shows such as; Waist Deep (2006), Tournament Of Dreams (2007), Street Kings (2008) and House Arrest (2012), Marrying The Game 2012/14, The Arsenio Hall Show 2013, The Wendy Williams Show 2015, She’s Got Game 2015, Hell’s Kitchen 2016 among others .

He is currently running his own label, Black Money Entertainment and launched another one in 2012 called Rolex together with his colleague. The label has signed many personalities including Dub and King Marie.

Awards & Achievements

Being in the industry for quite long he has many accolades including winning the Ozone Awards for Best West Coast rap album and artist (2007 & 2008). He has also been nominated in various categories like BET awards, Billboard music awards, MTV awards, Grammy awards, and many more

Net Worth of The Game

The Game net worth is estimated to be at $30 million. His net worth value has been largely contributed by his selling mixtapes, Studio albums, commercial deals and musical tours. One of his paramount selling albums, ‘The Documentary’ earned him $11 million where it auctioned more than 5 million pieces. He has also gained through his acting career. In 2016, he was recognised by the richest rap artist.

Due to tax advances and other expenses, his net worth decreased from his basic fortune which was $96 million to his current net worth. His entrepreneurship venture also plays a big role in boosting up his net worth. Among his fortune, he owns, many properties including several houses, vehicles and boats.

Although The Game upbringing was characterised by hardships, he emerged from there to become one of the most respected rappers in the world. Just wondering what’s up with rappers and gangs and drugs because nearly 3/4 of all rappers either were in gangs or drugs.