The Block Cast Net Worth & Salary. Their Spouse, Age and Short Bio.

The world of reality television seems to have shows of all genres. The Block is one such show based in Australia that fetches a remarkable audience. It focusses on some couples as they compete to renovate households to later sell at auctions and maximize profits. The show began airing in 2013 and had produced thirteen exciting seasons. It’s safe to say that it wouldn’t be as successful as it is now if it were not for its amazing cast. Get to know more about the cast and their net worth here.

Scott Cam Net Worth: $78 Million.

Born on November 24th, 1962 in Sydney Australia, Scott Cam Cameretto kickstarts the list. He is a Silver and Gold Logie award-winning television personality. Cam is most famous for his appearances on different lifestyle shows on the Nine Network including The Block, Backyard Blitz, Renovation Rescue and much more.

Growing up in Sydney’s Bondi, he enrolled to Waverley College and later worked as a carpenter, building boats for five years. He is now a father of three kids, Charlie and twins Sarah and Bill with his wife, Ann Cam.

He boasts of an estimated net worth of $78 million mostly from his career as a tv personality. He has hosted shows and made guest appearances on others. He has authored a couple of books on building and renovating. He is also the Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador.

Scott’s career began when he was offered a role in TV over a beer at a local pub. Since then, he has built an empire becoming one of the topmost Australian TV hosts. His success has seen him seize opportunities.

He owns a Vaucluse mansion worth around $5 million. Everything he touches amounts to fortunes. He purchased his current home in Rosebery at Sydney’s South East for $750,000 and is now valued at over $2 million.

This is after he made some minor modifications. Other properties include a Ravello mansion located in Chapel Road and a private farm near Mudgee.

Shelley Craft Net Worth: $8 Million.

Following Scott is yet another television personality. Shelley Lorraine Craft was born on 21st June 1976 in Brisbane, Queensland. She is an Australian actress that started off on the Seven Network with a role on Saturday Disney in the late 90’s.

She hosted and co-hosted several shows including Perfect Match Australia before signing to the Nine Network in 2008. Here she presented several lifestyle series including Domestic Blitz, Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show, The Block and so much more. She is a proud mother of two kids, Milla Grace and Eadie Rose with her husband, Christian Sergiacomi.

Craft is currently estimated to have amassed a net worth of $8 million following her years as a TV personality. She is believed to be earning an annual income of close to $4 million.

Jamie Durie Net Worth is $20 Million.

Also part of the cast is Jamie Paul Durie born on June 3rd, 1970 in Sydney, New South Wales. He is now the father of one kid named Taylor. Jamie is a famous television host on the Seven Network’s The Outdoor Room. Other shows include the US PBS series, The Victory Garden.

Durie has garnered a net worth amounting to $20 million. Besides having a full-time career in television, the 47-year old is also a landscape designer and a horticulturalist. Other sources of his net worth come from his 9-best-selling books as well as environmental and humanitarian gigs.

He owns and runs Durie Design limited which he founded in 1998 with a different name. The company mostly deals with Landscape designs and gained over 34 design Awards. He stands at 5’7’’ tall.

Brad Cranfield

Brad’s net worth has not been publicized yet nor has he been generous with the information. The actor is famous for his role in several reality TV shows including Who Want to Be a Millionaire: Hot Seat. Other shows include The Block where he stars as himself.

In fact, he starred on the show twice. The first time was back in 2012 where he appeared with his current wife, Lara. The second time was back in 2014 where he returned with a fellow star, Dale Vine in Fans vs. Faves. He managed to walk away with $506,000 and $254,625 in during his two terms on the show.

He quit the show and is currently working on a new project that would hopefully elevate his net worth. He bought a public house in New castle and together with his wife and Michael, they are the sole owners of a Tavern in Maryville.

Lara Welham

Just like her husband Brad Cranfield, Lara’s net worth is also unknown. The couple has been dating for so long even on set. Though they tried to keep it under wraps, it was pretty obvious they were head over heels for each other.

Brad finally popped the question while on vacation in the US, and she agreed to marry him. They later shared the news with millions of fans on their Facebook receiving congratulatory messages. Together with her husband, they won $ 606,000 in the fifth season of The Block.

They later returned as guest judges winning several awards including the silver Logie. She even became a spokeswoman for McDonald Jones Homes alongside her husband. With their salaries and winnings, they bought a farming property in the Hunter Valley.

Dan Reilly

Dan has been appearing on the Australian show as a foreman. He spearheads renovations and finalizes the home décor. Through his dedication and hard work, he has gone on to win some awards including the Logie Award for Best New Talent.

Reilly’s net worth is just as private as his thoughts. He has yet to reveal them, and our team is currently working on the review. He is most likely to be worth millions. While Dan has been known to have appeared in The Block, he is also an actor appearing in several other shows.

Some include, What Goes Around Comes Around, where he was cast as Detective Aaron Matthews. Other shows are Hole in One and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Hot Seat where he played as Himself.

The Block actor Dan Reilly is a married man. In fact, he has been fellow star Dani Wales for roughly eight years. She is the co-host of a series named Healthy Homes Tv. Reilly popped the question during her 31st birthday, and she couldn’t be any happier. They shared the news on Facebook.

The TV personalities have seen much success during their career with the most renown making headlines of having sold their period home for $1.3 million. They bought the three bedroomed house for $462,000 and spent about half a million dollars on renovation. The modern day home is believed to have smashed records in pricing especially for a home in the suburbs.

Warwick Jones and Polly Porter

With zero renovating experience, Warwick Jones is also known as Waz, and Polly Porter made their journey into the renovating business. They were last in the challenge and didn’t even get to chose their halves.

However, with the odds stacked against them, the rookies made the right calls to learn more about the renovating. They improved months on to deliver some of the best designs in the competition to win the seasons’ competition in 2011.

They went home with $100,000 as the grand prize with $15,000 on top as their profits. This came after their renovated house sold most in an auction after a competitive bid price. This may be an approximate value of their net worth.

The couple won the hearts of viewers with their humble origin story. News broke the internet with the couple expecting their first born back in 2016. They were excited and didn’t want to find out about the baby’s gender until it was born. A son came forth, and they named him Hudson.

Following Hudson’s birth came as series of postpartum depression that she struggled with. In an interview, she revealed that she detests breastfeeding. While other moms find the joy in the natural nurturing process, she finds nothing about it magical.

Following Hudson closely was the birth of their second born, a daughter named Scotland. Just like all firstborns, the thought of having siblings wasn’t to the fancy of her son, Hudson.

But as soon as the baby arrived, he was showering her with love. It looks like the couple made the right choice in auctioning their house in the fourth season of The Block. They mostly use their new found wealth to provide for their growing family.

Summary of “The Block” Cast Net Worth.

NameNet WorthWinnings
Scott Cam$78 million
Shelley Craft$8 million
Jamie Durie$20 million
Brad Cranfield & Lana WelhamUndisclosed$606,000
Dan ReillyUnknown
Warwick Jones & Polly PorterUndisclosed$115,000

These are just some of the few contestants who have shown tremendous achievements on the show. Other contestants include Will and Karlie who took $815,000 with them. Let’s hope for new home deals from the producers for another exciting season with new cast members.