Suzanne Rawlings wiki-bio: Age, Facts of Gas Monkey Garage Richard Rawlings Wife

Suzanne Rawlings is the former wife of Richard Rawlings, the famous television host known for his acting in television for decades. Suzanne Rawlings and Richard Rawlings were married for quite some time. Suzanne Rawlings now runs the garage with her husband and  Bar and Grill known as the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill.

Suzanne Rawlings married to Richard Rawlings

Suzanne Rawlings and her sweetheart Richard have had a twist of events in their married life. As the saying goes, marriage is not a walk in the park; it may best describe the love life and marriage of the two.

Suzanne married Richard Rawlings in 7th August 1997 in a sumptuous wedding that received a wider publication and attention then. The wedding was held in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The couple lived happily thereafter but what was supposed to be a lifetime marriage ended twelve years later. The couple ended twelve long marriage affair in 14th August 1997.

What really led to the divorce? Well, the word is that the couple had been struggling to balance their careers and maintaining their marriage. The most affected one was Richard Rawlings who was much engulfed to his career in television until he had little time for the family.

His busy schedule made it almost impossible for the couple to spend some time together. The issue escalated so much that it led to misunderstandings between the couple and subsequent separation. The deal was sealed in 2009.

Suzanne Rawlings with her Husband Richard Rawlings

Caption:- Suzanne Rawlings with her Husband, Richard Rawlings


However, in a beautiful twist of events, the couple are now back together. They have reunited after their separation for more than five years! The Word is that even after their separation, Suzanne and Richard had seen each other, not as lovers but as good friends.

After years of meeting, the couple decided to rekindle their love, and currently, they are together again. The couple after years of turmoil and loneliness remarried again. They remarried in 2015 in Cobo, Mexico.

Well, as they say, true love overcomes all things, then it can be proved between Richard and Suzanne. They are currently running some business together in Dallas, Texas.

Their kids

Despite the couple being married for more than a decade now, we have not been able to establish whether Suzanne and Richard have any kids or not. However, reliable information that we have said that they have no child up to now.

Suzanne Rawlings & Richard Rawlings coupal children family kids

Caption:- Suzanne Rawlings & Richard Rawlings have no children

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Richard Rawlings and Suzanne have never appeared anywhere in the public limelight with any child. Their social media in which they are very active have not hinted at the possibility of a child. Maybe they are a thing that they are now planning for now that they have remarried. Just maybe.

Age: how old is Richard Rawlings wife Suzanne Rawlings?

Suzanne Rawlings is a very secretive woman. Her year of birth remains unknown as she has never shared it anywhere neither seen documented. However, she usually celebrates her birthday on  8th February of every year. From the look of things, Suzanne might be in her early 40s.

Family: parents

Little information is known about the parents of Suzanne Rawlings. Nothing so far is known about her parents. We have not been able to unmask about Suzanne’s family in general whether her parents are still alive or not. Her relatives and other siblings also remain unknown. She is a woman of so many secrets, and maybe this is one of the secrets she is keeping.

Wiki Bio

Now a days Suzanne Rawlings is living onTexas

Caption:- Nowadays Suzanne Rawlings is living in Texas

Suzanne Rawlings is full of mysteries. Her childhood life remains a mystery. She has not divulged any information about her parents and her year of birth. Nothing yet is also known of her schooling as to whether she joined a high school or not.  Her siblings also remain unknown.

She is currently married to Richard Rawlings since 1997 and 2015. She has no child yet. Suzanne is currently living in Texas with her husband where they are into business. She runs Gas Monkey Garage and also a bar and grill that is co-owned by her and her husband.