Susi Cahn Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, age, Facts about Mario Batali’s wife.

It is a universal desire of people to wonder what it must be like to be married to a chef whenever we see them cook up something delicious on the TV. It is one thing to be a great chef but also to be a famous TV personality at the same time too. Not many people can say that it is not a big deal to it like the wife of renowned American chef Mario Batali. Since Mario Batali is an easily recognizable figure in the culinary world as a highly talented TV chef you must already know a lot about him but do you know anything about his wife. Find out all necessary and vital information about her from Susi Cahn net worth, career, wiki-bio to her married life with Husband Mari Batali.

Susi Cahn Net worth.

Susi Cahn is a wife of the famous chef and star of shows like ‘Molto Mario,’ but that does not mean she is from an ordinary background. Her parents are the co-founders of Coach Inc. The Cahns joined the company in 1946 and 1950 they had taken over the business and later went to sell the company to Sara Lee Corporation for 30 million dollars in 1985.

The Cahns have since then moved on to other successful businesses. Her exact net worth is not known but it an idea of it can be grasped from the large net worth of her parents and celebrity chef husband. She shares her husband’s incredible net worth estimated to be nearly 25 million dollars.

Image of Susi Cahn net worth is $25 million

Susi Cahn net worth is $25 million

In 2012, Forbes had estimated net worth to be about 13 million dollars, but his net worth seems to have had a great boost in a few years. ‘Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group’ is believed to collect a total of more than 250 million dollars in revenue, a company he founded with friend Joe Bastianich. He receives 25 million dollars from it which is what results to his splendid net worth.

Married life with husband Mario Batali

Many of our readers may also be wondering about Susi’s married life with husband Mario Batali. Mario Batali and Susi Cahn have a perfectly healthy relationship when it comes to their married life. Susi Cahn met her husband for the first time in a food event in 1992 where he was the chef since her parents are also in the industry.

Image of Susi Cahn with her husband Mario Batali

Susi Cahn with her husband, Mario Batali

They got into a conversation about tome cheese after Susi pronounced it wrong and instantly hit it off. Two years Cahn got married in November at a romantic Caribbean beach. They held their reception party six months after their wedding where they had tubs of ice-cream sandwiches instead of cakes. Susi Cahn and husband Mario Batali has been married for 23 years already and will be completing their 24th year of marriage anniversary this year.

Susi Cahn and Husband have 2 Children.

Mario and Susi have two children together in their married life. Both of their children are sons, the elder one I named Benno Batali and is currently 21 years old while the younger one is named Leo who is presently 18 years old. Both of their children have grown properly, and Benno is already in the midst of completing his college at the University of Michigan.

Image of Susi Cahn with her husband and their kids Leo Batali and Benno Batali

Susi Cahn with her husband and their kids Leo Batali and Benno Batali

His two sons also seem to have picked up their father’s interest, and talents and cooking as the sibling brother have already even published a recipe book together called ‘Batali Brothers Cookbook.’ It looks like both of Susi’s sons are going to be young stars following their father’s footsteps.

Meet her father, Miles Cahn.

We might have already spoken about her parents above but not in detail. Her father is Miles Cahn, and he was the co-founder of the Coach Inc. along with Susi Cahn’s mother, Lillian Cahn. Her father and mother were businessmen who contributed significantly to the success of the company and later sold it in 1985 for a staggering amount of 30 million dollars.

Image of Susi Cahn father Miles Cahn

Susi Cahn father, Miles Cahn

Her father and mother then moved on from running their multi-million dollar American luxury fashion industry to a more subtle career which they loved, and that was in producing artisanal goat cheese in Hudson Valley. Susi Cahn was also involved in her father’s business, Coach Goat Dairy Farn and her husband supported her by the use and promotion of her father’s product in his restaurants and food. Sadly Miles Cahn passed away recently in February 2017 at the age of 95 years old and his wife Lillian passed away at the age of 89 in 2013.

Wiki-bio, Age, Birthdate

Susi Cahn is known for being the wife of the famous TV chef Mario Batali. There is not much information in her wiki-bio including the necessary things like her birthdate and age. Susi Cahn currently lives happily with her husband and children in Greenwich Village in New York but also occasionally go to stay at their summer home in Grand Traverse Bay, Northport, Michigan.