Storage Wars Hottie Casey Nezhoda Wiki-Bio, Age, Net worth, Husband Rene Nezhoda.

In a competition, there are always winners and losers. Setting up experienced players in The Game changes everything and mostly tips the scale. For years, the A&E Network had been trying to get hold of Casey Nezhoda to cast her fully on their show Storage Wars. Finally, after much convincing, they succeeded. Let’s talk about the beautiful Storage Wars star and highlight some concrete facts like Casey Nezhoda’s net worth and wiki-bio. Stick around and see if you got a shot with her as we’ll also highlight her age,  husband, and children.

Casey Nezhoda Net worth, Salary (2018)

Having someone as Casey Nezhoda on the show most definitely improved their ratings. We’re not talking about the male audience that she may or may not have attracted. Her skills and expertise regarding rare artifacts are what we’re keen on.

Casey Nezhoda’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million. You may think that’s a lot and maybe even impossible for someone who strikes deals and sells stuff. Well, you may be closely accurate. The Storage Wars Star doesn’t just earn from that. She also has her very own business that deals with rare commodities that require a keen eye.

Storage Wars Hottie Casey Nezhoda's Net worth

The name of the store is Bargain Hunters Thrift shop located in Poway California. Other sources include her undisclosed salary from the show. An educated guess would be to imply that with her appearance on Television, the store Bargain Hunters has definitely received an upgrade on its clientele. With each new season, it is expected that her contract will be renewed

Storage Wars Casey  Nezhoda is Married to Husband Rene Nezhoda. They have a daughter Tatiana.

Enough about Casey  Nezhoda’s Net Worth and Salary. Now let me tell you about Rene Nezhoda, her husband.

For any fan out there who had any prospects on the antique collector, tough luck. She is married to her husband Rene Nezhoda, also a cast member on the show. In fact, she wouldn’t go anywhere without him.

When A&E were trying to make their guest appearances on Storage Wars a regular thing, they had to sign them both. After all, they work better as a pair. The couple never back down from a business deal. While she has the good eye for all things impeccable, he knows a thing or two about second-hand collectibles.

Casey Nezhoda and her husband Rene Nezhoda

Caption:- Casey Nezhoda with her husband, Rene Nezhoda

So far so good for the duo. Casey Nezhoda and Rene Nezhoda’s marriage together was written in the books way before they got anything to do with the A&E Network. Tracing that has proven quite a bit of a challenge. Moreover, if they are good together now, with no signs of disagreements and breakups, their marriage should be up on the history chats. This is because they are always supportive of each other’s decisions.

Their marriage blossomed and have a daughter named Tatiana to show for it. However, they have opted to keep her out of stardom.

Career and Progression that gave her $1.5 Million net worth.

Going treasure hunting while being away from the family could sometimes take a toll on the couple. Tatiana’s mom seems to be doing just fine with the challenge as she found a way to go about it. She never leaves her husband’s side while they go for auctions. It’s a family business, but up until the tenth season, they have never aired about their daughter. However, they think someday she will be able to take up and run their thrift shop.

Since time memorial, Casey  Nezhoda has always been fascinated with jewelry. It was nice enough she found a husband who shared the same taste. Together, she set up and co-owns her Thrift Shop in 2002. With Rene by her side, she always stacks the place with eye-catching antiques from auctions and sells them.

Moreover, being sporty and outgoing, the mother of one auditioned for a role in ABC’s Celebrity Storage. Sadly, she got knocked out of the competition after emerging out victorious at the last top 5 out of 500 contestants.

It was after her run with ABC network that she decided on building her career at A&E network. Storage Wars Casey Nezhoda stepped into the spotlight as a guest during the 4th season sharing her expertise with her husband. After much deliberation and counter-offers, a contract was drawn up to see them on the upcoming season.

Storage Wars Casey Nezhoda

The former Celebrity Storage contestant has been on Storage Wars from the beginning of the fifth season up to date. It’s highly unlikely she’s going to quit any time soon. Especially not with all the fun and money she’s making.

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Wiki-bio, age, Nationality, birthdate, bra size, body measurements, Facts

NameCasey Nezhoda
Date of BirthSeptember 6th, 1974
Place of BirthUSA
ProfessionTV personality
Net worth$1.5 million
SpouseRene Nezhoda
Bra size34F
Body Measurements40-26-37 inches

Many a time while listening to the couple on the show, you’ll notice a thick German accent. While she may reside in San Diego, California with her family, Casey Nezhoda was born on September 6th, 1974. She is an American citizen by birth.

Storage Wars Casey  Nezhoda is 43 years old.

The 43-year-old early childhood memories and experiences including babysitting as a side hustle. Always jumpy and outgoing, she participated in several sporting activities while younger including cheerleading. Nowadays, the only sporting she does is chasing after treasure.

For someone who doesn’t work out, Storage wars hottie Casey Nezhoda has a nice hourglass body to disapprove. Even for her age, the antique collector seems to have men stare at their screens by hosting body measurements 40-26-37. That goes for her breasts, waist and hip size respectively. She boasts of F cup breasts with bra size 34F that are hard to hard especially in her tight tank tops.

When she’s not filming, the reality television star connects with her God and often indulges her whole family into it. As a believer of Christianity, she mostly thanks God for her success.


VH1’s Storage Wars has never seen a dull day ever since Casey Nezhoda joined the team. With the new season on the way and renewal of a new contract, we can be sure that her salary and net worth will increase. The same goes for her husband Rene Nezhoda.