Steven Spielberg Net Worth 2018

Steven Spielberg the legendary film director, a screenwriter, producer and a co-founder of DreamWorks Studios. Steven Spielberg is among the founding inventors of the New Hollywood era a man who has transformed Hollywood in very many ways no wonder his fame within the film entertainment business.

He has directed major box office blockbusters such as War of the Worlds grossing over $591 million, “Transformers”, “Jurassic Park”, “Real Steel”, “Indiana Jones”, among others. All of Spielberg directed films have grossed over $9 billion worldwide placing him atop of all directors in history as the highest grossing director. But how did Steven Spielberg amass such a net worth figure? What’s his annual earning? Here are some exclusive details about the legendary director. Let’s find out how much is Steven Spielberg’s net worth in 2018.

Steven Spielberg Early Life

Steven Allan Spielberg hails from Ohio where he was born in 1946. He is the son of Arnold Spielberg and Leah Posner.

Steven Spielberg Net Worth

Spielberg went to school at Arcadia High School for three years then transferred to Saratoga High School where he graduated in 1965 with a C grade average. He applied for a place at California State University and was admitted but later on he dropped for his directing TV production career with the Universal Studios.

Spielberg first dated Amy Irving who was an actress from 1976 to 1979 before breaking up. After 5 years they renewed their love and in 1985 they married and had a son. The same issued of stress due to their professional career led to a divorce in 1989 which is recorded as third most costly divorce in history. currently Spielberg wife is actress Kate Capshaw whom they married in 1991 October. Spielberg has seven children in total.

Steven Spielberg Career, Awards & Achievement

Steven professional kicked off with is first assignment which was to direct an episode of Night Gallery 1969 and by then he was just a twenty-one-year-old. What followed was a short contract with the Universal studios. he was given four TV films to direct as his first assignment which were Duel 1971, Something Evil 1972, and the Sugarland Express 1974. He also directed Jaws the thriller horror film grossing around $470 million worldwide and Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977 grossing at $92.4 million.

As a director, producer, executive producer and a writer some of the films he worked on between 1980s and 2010 that can only be referred as blockbuster films due to their commercial success are Raiders of the Lost Ark grossing $389.9 million, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom grossing $333 million, Hook 1991 making $300 million, Jurassic Park $914.7 million, The Lost World: Jurassic Park 1996 $618 million, Saving Private Ryan $481 million, War of the Worlds grossing $591 million, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull $786 million, War Horse, American Sniper, Transformers franchise, Men in Black 3, Jurassic World , The Post 2017 among many others.

Currently Spielberg has some upcoming projects to look forward to such as Ready Player One 2018, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom 2018, Indiana Jones 5 2020, Crenshaw 2020, among others.

Awards & Achievements

Spielberg is one of the most awarded persons in the film industry because he is a legend and an icon when it comes to directing, and producing films. Some of his honours and achievements are 5 life Achievement Awards, honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Kennedy Center honour, inducted in Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Légion d’honneur, Belgian Order of the Crown, Presidential Medal of Freedom, 14 Saturn Awards, 5 Producers Guild of America Awards, 6 Golden Globe Award, 3 Academy Awards among others.

Net Worth of Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg net worth currently stands at $3.6 billion. The huge or rather massive net worth figure has been as a result of directing, writing, producing numerous films that have grossed to date more than $9 Billion worldwide. Spielberg net worth has also been boosted by earning from his Studio DreamWorks Animation which develops blockbuster films as well. Today he is the richest and highest earning film director of all time.

Steven Spielberg looking at his net worth and comparing with his output he clearly shows he deserves every penny he has. Spielberg truly he is a legend and an icon no wonder the global recognition. We can’t wait to see what in 2018 and 2019 he has in store for us.