Steven Ray Tickle Net Worth: Wife, Married Life. Why did he go to Jail?

Steven Ray Tickle is an American TV celebrity who is popularly known for his roles on both Moonshiners and Tickle. These are docudrama series that aired on Discovery Channel. In this article, we’ll have an inside look at the life of Steve. Read on as we tell you more about Moonshiners Steven Ray Tickle’s married life, net worth, and other interesting bits about his life away from the camera. Also, get to know more about why Tickle on Moonshine was arrested and why was he sent to Jail.

Net Worth

Before becoming a TV personality, Tickle was a carpenter and he used to reside around Washington. He is rumored to have stayed there for at least two years, during which he built a popular eating joint known as Clyde’s restaurant. He is a self-proclaimed politician who made known his desire to run for Congress and the US presidency in the years 2012 and 2013 respectively.

His acting life began when he appeared on Moonshiners during its third season. Moonshiners is a series that dramatizes the lives of people living in the Appalachian mountains who make a living from the production of illicit liquor (moonshining).

During this appearance, Tickle is rumored to have taken home a salary of $1 Million. Currently, Steven Ray Tickle has a net worth of approximately $500,000.

Steven Ray Tickle's Net Worth is $500,000

Caption:- Steven Ray Tickle’s Net Worth is $500,000

Married Life and Wife

As of now, there is not much reliable information regarding the private life of Steve Ray Tickle. No source can ascertain if Tickle is a married man, but he has a daughter who is around 17 years old. She is on record testifying her dad saying that he is a good father.


As earlier mentioned, Tickle is a carpenter who takes pride in creating some of the best constructions in Washington which was his residence for nearly two years. He has expressed his interest in politics at both the Congress and national levels. He later joined Moonshiners when it was at season three, an appearance that saw him pocket $1 million.

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Lawsuit: Why did Steven Ray Tickle Go to Jail?

In 2016, Tickle found himself on the wrong side of the law. He was arrested and sent to prision for possession of an illegal firearm. Initially, he had been given a suspended sentence of three years, he was, however, re-arrested for violation of his probation.

This re-arrest saw him sentenced to five months. He had denied the allegations claiming that the firearm was given to him by a friend year back, though his body appeared to be way built while he was leaving prison, Tickle said to his fans that he was reformed and did not wish to go back to ‘that place’.

Wiki-biography, Family

There is not much information about the family of 40-year-old Steve Ray Tickle. His mother is Lois Eileen Tickle. According to reliable sources, part of the reasons behind his relapse is his father’s illness that supposedly gave him a lot of stress that had him seek refuge in cocaine and other drugs.

His father had been unwell and doctors had said that he had a short time to live. Steve, however, has a family and as he said after his arrest, he regretted having hurt them.

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Name: Steve Ray Tickle
Profession:TV personality, Carpenter
Net worth:$500,000
Spouse: undisclosed
Age:40 years old