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Steve Jones was born on September 3, 1955 in London, England, UK, is a Soundtrack, Actor, Composer. Let’s have a look into Steve Jones net worth, salary, age and real name as well as her wiki-bio.

NameSteve Jones
BirthdaySeptember 3, 1955
BirthplaceLondon, England, UK
Height6' (1.83 m)
Known Assoundtrack, actor, composer

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Stephen Philip Jones, was born on September 3rd, 1955 in West London. His real father, an amateur boxer, named Don Jarvis left Steve and his mother when he was just two years old. Sometime later his Step-father arrived on the scene, for a time, Steve lived in a house with his parents and grandparents, and at the age of 12 moved to a one-bedroomed basement flat with his mother and step-father, in Shepherds Bush. He didn't have a happy childhood and felt that his mother hated him. He didn't want to get a job and at the age of 16, his step-father threw him out of the family home, for that very reason. By this time, Jones already had a criminal record dating back to 1968 and had spent a year and a half in a reform school. This did little to thwart his criminal intentions. By the age of 18, he was not far off ending up in jail. Realising that music was his only way out of the life he hated, he started up a band. In 1972 Q.T. Jones and the Sex Pistols were formed, Just a few years later, with a line-up change, a switch to guitar from vocals for Jones and the name cut in half, Jones would be part of what were once one of the most notorious bands in the UK at that time. The break-up of the Pistols led to drug problems for Jones, most notably an addiction to Heroin, which would last until 1987, until Jones got himself clean and started work on his very first solo album. 1989 gave us a second and Jones continued his work within the music scene until 1996 when not only did he have the Neurotic Outsiders, but also the Sex Pistols re-united for a world tour. Steve has had the opportunity to showcase his acting skills, in four films, in recent years. He is also a football player for Hollywood UTD and continues to produce various bands.