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Have you ever wanted to know about Stacy London and what she represents? Have you tried finding out how she started off her career as a stylist and fashion consultant, her net worth, marriage/boyfriend, how old Stacy is and other very important facts about this American magazine editor cum stylist? Then search no more because we are going to bring to you all you would love to know about her.

Stacy London biography including age, height, career, and profession

London is an American stylist, fashion consultant, author and magazine editor. She is known for her time as co-host on What Not to Wear, a reality TV program that featured wardrobe and appearance makeovers.

She was born in London on May 25, 1969. She was raised in New York. She is of Sicilian descent on her mother’s side and Jewish descent on her father’s side.

After her graduation from Vassar College, she began her career as a fashion assistant editor at Vogue and later became a stylist for celebrities and designers.

Stacy later moved into television programs, co-hosting What Not to Wear with Clinton Kelly as well as doing fashion reporting for Access Hollywood, The Early Show, and the Today Show in 2003.

She was also the senior fashion editor at Mademoiselle. She has styled photos for other publications, including Italian D, Nylon, and contents. London has styled for top celebrities like Kate Winslet and Liv Tyler and has designed for Rebecca Taylor Vivienne Tam and Ghost. She is also into an advertising campaign for brands.

Stacy London on reality show What Not To Wear

Stacy London on reality show What Not To Wear

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In 2005, Stacy and co-host Clinton Kelly wrote a book titled Dress Your Best. She served as host of her talk show Shut Up! It’s Stacy London! in 2008, she was the executive producer of Big Brooklyn Style, a reality show about customers experience at Lee Lee’s Valise Boutique in New York. She was a spokesperson for Pantene, Woolite, Dr. Scholl’s among others. (Wikipedia)

Age: How old Is she?

Stacy London is 47 years of age and 5ft tall and has a body weight of 58kg

Is Stacy London Married to a husband? or dating a Boyfriend?

At present, there is no report on Stacy London’s marriage, an indication that she may not have gotten married. But she is in a relationship and has a boyfriend.

After her surgery operation in 2016, She shared a picture of her Instagram which clearly shows they are more than just friends.

They were both hospitalized in a bike accident.

Nick Onken is a photographer, and he and Stacy have been documenting their recovery process in the social media, Instagram. The boyfriend Nick had during this period shared on Instagram their image which is captioned ‘’Happy Holidays from Clippers’’.

Stacy and her boyfriend Nick are very close, and they have been supportive of each other. This could be evident in a picture Nick shared on his Instagram page which says: ‘’We are slowly on the mend.” In that picture, she is captured kissing Nick who is holding their dog, Carroll Garden Brooklyn.

But the couple hasn’t shared any plans of getting married so far. But given her age, she might soon get married. So is now boyfriend going to be her future husband? or is she gonna get married to some other guy? We just need to wait to find that out.

Her Net worth

Stacy net worth is about 8 million dollars. The source of her net worth is traced to her career as a stylist and fashion consultant. Her net worth sources also include the various reality TV appearances and having bee spokesperson for top celebrities.

Stacy net worth is about 8 million dollars Huge net worth of all time

Stacy London net worth is about 8 million dollars

unknown facts

There are not much so much unknown facts about Stacy. She loves high-heeled shoes, and she has over 300 of it. She suffered from psoriasis during childhood. Her zodiac sign is Gemini, and her religion is Judaism. She does not like talking about her relationship and personal life.