Sig Hansen Net Worth. Meet his Wife June Hansen & Daughter Nina Hansen. His Wiki-Bio.

Read on to know more about Sig Hansen net worth and sources of income and all the sweet info regarding his daughter Nina Hansen’s lawsuit. Also, Meet his Wife June Hansen.

Meet Sig Hansen, the American fisherman on Deadliest Catch. Deadliest Catch is a show that first premiered on Discovery Channel. He is the captain of the region known as Northwestern on the show.

Sig Hansen is a married man. Meet his wife June Hansen.

Sig Hansen is married to one wife. Her name is June Hansen. The couple has the fruit of their marriage manifested in their two beautiful daughters, Mandy and Nina.

His daughter Nina takes more from Sig Hansen than anyone else in the family. For instance, she enjoys adventure and as a child, she would spend her days with her dad accompanying him during his fishing escapades and so on. Being the adventurous breed, both Sig and Mandy are known for having and enjoying a great time outdoors.

As much as Sig spends a huge part of the year in the vessels, he is still a family man, and somehow, he does manage to create time for his wife and his family. The relationship between him and his wife is characterized by loyalty, and this is depicted by the photos they share of their ‘happy times’ together. Sig and his wife live in Seattle.

Sig Hansen with wife June Hansen

Caption:- Sig Hansen with wife June Hansen

Deadliest Catch Sig Hansen Net Worth and Salary.

The Deadliest Catch reality star Sig Hansen net worth is $3 million. This income is netted from various roles, with the major one being his role as technical advisor on the reality show that airs on Discovery Channel.

It is worth noting that the show is a one-time scooper of the Emmy Awards. Sig Hansen takes home $500,000 as salary from each season of the Deadliest Catch. He is also entitled to a monthly Salary of $40,000.

The deadliest catch may be the main source of income to add in Sig Hansen Net Worth, but that is not all when it comes to this reality star’s source of income. The fact that he has worked on other series like “After the catch” and has authored several books which have added significant amount Sig Hansen’s Net Worth.

June Hansen Wiki-bio:

Now let’s shift gears a little further and have a look at the bio of Sig Hansen’s wife; June Hansen. His wife June is the type of woman many men would pray for.

You all remember how she stood by her husband when he had a heart attack. Other than being a loved wife of Sig Hansen, she is also the proud mother of two beautiful daughters Mandy and Nina. She and her husband have a loyal relationship that can withstand the long times that they are not together.

Daughter Nina Hansen and Lawsuit

Moving on to the shaking lawsuit. So, yes! Nina sues her father for abusing her when she was a toddler. As expected, these are allegations that Sig Hansen denied.

According to Nina, her father allegedly committed this heinous crime at a time when the family was contemplating divorce around 30 years ago. It is alleged that the crimes caused Nina many effects including depression and untold trauma.

Posted by Sig Hansen on Friday, June 23, 2017

Although Nina claims that she still frets at the memory of the sexual abuse which happened when she was only two years old, Sig rubbishes the claims saying that the lawsuit is more of an old-fashioned shakedown. The final verdict of the case lies with the courts.

Wiki Bio

His real name is Sigurd Jonny Hansen. He has a family residence in Seattle. Sig Hansen was born on 28th April 1966 and will turn 52 in a few months. Below is a short wiki bio.

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Full Name:Sigurd Jonny Hansen
Date of Birth:28th April 1966
Age:51 Years
Net Worth:$3 Million
Career: Reality TV Star
Spouse:June Hansen
Children:Mandy Hansen And Nina Hansen

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