Sean Schemmel Net Worth

Sean Schemmel is best known as a voice actor, screen writer and automated dialog replacement director from the United States of America. His most popular and successful work has been in the Dragon Ball Z movies. Go on reading to know Sean Schemmel’s net worth in 2018, professional career and personal life below.

Sean Schemmel Early Life

Sean Christian Schemmel was born on November 21, 1968 in Waterloo city in Iowa, United States. There are no rumors or confirmed information on his parents, his siblings or on how he has really lived his early life, either he lived in good or bad conditions.

Sean Schemmel Net Worth

It seems like all of Sean Schemmel’s early life has been kept in secret, private. Even the schools, colleges or universities that he attended are not known so he might have studied or maybe he has never really attended an educational institution.

The only confirmed information we have on Sean Schemmel’s personal life is that he has been into marriages and divorces. His first marriage was to Melissa Denise Cox lasted around 5 years ending with a divorce in 1998. Sean Schemmel’s second marriage was to the actress and voice actress Melodee Lenz who worked in the same project which he worked on, Dragon Ball Z. Sean and Melodee were married only for 3 years ending in 2001. Sean Schemmel doesn’t have any children that we know of.

Sean Schemmel Career, Awards & Achievement

Sean Schemmel began working as a voice actor in the late 80s in the animated action series “Hades Project Zeorymer”. It is confirmed that his work with the American entertainment anime and distribution company FUNimation Productions, LLC around 1999. Sean Schemmel provided voice acting for almost all the Dragon Ball movies, TV series and video games. He worked with the New York City based recording studio NYAV Post as a screen writer and as an automated dialog replacement director.

Sean Schemmel’s 2018 plus voice acting work including a video game named “Dragon Ball FighterZ”, animated TV series “The Adventures of Kid Danger”, animated adventure comedy series titled “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” and an animated family TV series titled “Little Big Awesome”. He also has an uncredited voice acting role in a comedy news series titled “Level Up Norge”.

Awards & Achievements

Sean Schemmel has around 10 award winnings and nominations in his credit. His Behind the Voice Actors Award for “Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru Z – Fukkatsu no ‘F’” including the Best Vocal Ensemble in an Anime Feature Film Special. He also won the Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in an Anime Feature Film Special for “Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru Z – Kami to Kami” and the Best Vocal Ensemble in an Anime Title for “Dragon Ball Kai: Doragon bôru kai”.

Sean Schemmel’s work and contribution to the voice acting specific industry has been huge. He has been working as a voice actor since the late 80s working on movies, series, videos and video games.

Net Worth of Sean Schemmel

The voice actor, screen writer and automated dialog replacement director Sean Schemmel net worth is about to $4 million and is expected to increase but not much. He made his millions from voice acting for the Dragon Ball movies, TV series and video games.

Sean Schemmel is considered as one of the world’s best and top voice actors of all time. He currently has over 160 movies, TV series and video games credited voice acting roles. Sean Schemmel is probably on the top list of the top actors who has the most credited voice acting roles.