What Happened to Scott Sims From “Aloha Vet”? His Wife, Net Worth

The Discovery is home to many families. From the animal kingdom shows to the human interactive shows. One such show is Aloha Vet, a series that encompasses the lives of residents of the Island of Kauai, Hawaii in need of medical assistance for their pets. One doctor they used to go to was Dr. Scott Sims. Sadly, he passed away. So what happened to the doctor Scott Sims from “Aloha Vet”? Find out more about his untimely demise, his family, wife, net worth and so much more here.

How Did Dr. Scott Sims from “Aloha Vet Die”? What happened? Did he die of Cancer?

The Discovery Channel lost a crucial part of its team and joined in on the mourning with the people of Kauai who looked up to the doctor. The late doctor Scott Sims passed away on Saturday, July 25th,2015 at Wilcox Memorial Hospital much to the shock of everyone who knew Dr. Scott.

For unknown reasons, the autopsy report was kept under wraps and not released to his fans and followers. The cause of death is still hazy. However, through much-digging sources have indicated that he died of cancer. Bladder cancer to be more precise.

Scott Sims Aloha Vet age career death

Caption:- Dr. Scott Sims died at the age of 59.

This came after battling the disease for two months before finally succumbing to it. No one knows for sure whether it was in its final stages or not. In an interview, the doctor brushed a bit on the subject emphasizing on the concern people had towards his health.

“Would I wish this on anybody?” he said.

Of course not. But is it all bad? No, it isn’t all bad. I get to tell people I care about that I care about them. And they can tell that to me. And those are good things.”

For those who aren’t aware. Bladder cancer is mostly characterized by blood in urine. It may be as a result of a cancerous tumor growing on the walls of the bladder. It is not gender specific and can affect anyone at any time.

It is sad to see Aloha Vet cast Dr. Soctt Sims bite the dust, something he very much strived to defend in the pets he treated in Kauai and beyond. But Alas! All life comes to an end, eventually.

Now you know what happened to Dr. Scott Sims from “Aloha Vet”.

Scott Sims Aloha Vet Net Worth (at the time of death).

The good doctor lived most of his life privately. He didn’t share much of himself with his fans nor with his clients. Discovery Channel probably has a better look into his life owing to the information he revealed to them in the name of contracts.

The barefoot Veterinarian Scott Sims’ Net Worth is still unknown up to date. It’s difficult to determine how much he was worth at the time of death since he isn’t around anymore to clarify the issue. We speculate that he was worth millions.

Scott Sims Aloha Vet Wife, Net Worth source of income death

Caption:- Scott Sims Aloha’s Net Worth is unknown.

Sources of his income included his paycheck from Discovery channel on appearing on the series Aloha Vet which garnered a vast viewership. Other sources include the returns he got from the clients that he helped out on. Moreover, he got some income from the veterinary clinics he founded in the state.

Dr. Scott Sims Aloha Vet career and progression

You could say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. But as for the barefoot veterinarian, he was practically running. It is safe to say; his career kick-started when he was a child when he got his horse at the age of 7.

Some of us barely know what to do with our lives and which career path we want to take whereas the kid already knew. He pursued his passion and graduated as a veterinarian. He specialized in both small and large animals.

Before he got the title Barefoot veterinarian, he had co-founded the Davis Wildlife Care Association in the early 2000’s. He also founded the Pegasus Veterinary Clinic in Novato, California after graduating from college and after he became stable.

Dr. Scott Sims from Aloha Vet worked with injured animals and performed surgeries in his office. He never made house calls and sometimes had to travel as far as Texas on call. It was a tough job, and because of this, he got help from his longtime assistant Dia and Ella.

He was first approached by Discovery Channel after he appeared in a reality show featuring Laird Hamilton, a profession surfer. He agreed, and filming was done in 2014 with the show making its debut in 2015. Its first season was successful, and he was in talks ongoing for a second before his health problems cut his career short.

Was Scott Sims from “Aloha Vet” married to wife? Kids?

The doctor was a loner.  Dr. Scott Sims was never married and had no wife or kids. His relationships were also private and confidential. The only family he had was the grey parrot he lived with named Oliver. He was mostly surrounded with work and adventures with animals.

Scott Sims Aloha Vet Married life wife girlfriend.

Caption:- Scott Sims from Aloha Vet has never married any women.

Facts: About Dr. Scott Sims From “Aloha Vet”

Dr. Sims was a certified pilot. He got his pilot license after graduating from high school. He owned a home built, single-engine, a single-prop plane that he used to journey with to help his clients.

He was also a writer. He was working on a book, Eating Horses Don’t Die.

His veterinary clinic was one of 20 clinics in Kauai that was the most sought out for. He mostly got 20 patients a day. He even helped out with exotic animals.

He got the name Barefoot as he mostly liked walking outdoors in his bare feet.


NameDr. Scott Sims
Date of Birth1955
Place of BirthNew Jersey
Net worthUnknown
Date of deathJuly 25th, 2015

The Aloha Vet star was born in 1955 in New Jersey. He graduated from high school and pursued his Bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Davis in 1979. He specialized in Zoology and graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine in 1984. Much of his early life is unknown. His family and parents have kept away from the limelight.


To the residents of Kauai, he was priceless. Dr. Scott Sims came at a time when they were in dire need of medical assistance for their animals. His net worth isn’t in just how much money he made, but in his life work and the pets, he helped.