Scarface Net Worth

Brad Terrence Jordan popularly known by the stage name Scarface is identified as a rapper and music producer. It is his famous stage name in world of rapping and also his appearance as a music producer that allowed him to become famous.

It is necessary to know details of autobiography, career and net worth of Scarface, well here is complete information: Keep reading to know more about Scarface’s net worth in 2018.

Scarface Early Life

Scarface was born in year 1970. He went to study in Woodson Middle School in Houston, located in Texas. His upbringing was done as a Christian; however he got transformed to Islam in year 2006.

Scarface Net Worth

He is known to be a cousin of a singer named Johnny Nash. Glancing at his personal life, he faces from severe depression and got detected with bipolar disorder when he was growing up. This disorder directed him to try suicide by injuring his wrists and also did many drug overdoses throughout his youth.

Scarface Career, Awards & Achievement

Scarface kicked off his career as a rapper by working as DJ Akshen recording solo meant for Lil’ Troy’s Short Stop Records, identified as a native label within Houston. He has released the 12″ single entitled “Scarface/Another Head Put To Rest” in year 1989, under production of Def Bruce “Grim” Rhodes and Jam Blaster.

Later his career boosted when he signed with Rap-A-Lot Records and partnered with a group who were jointly identified as Geto Boys substituting one partner who left, and launched the second album of group entitled as Grip It! On That Other Level in year 1989.

As an album entitled Mr. Scarface Is Back became a success, fame of Scarface dominated over remaining Geto Boys. During year 2002, the rapper has launched The Fix, identified as the addition to The Last of a Dying Breed and came back to the studio through the Geto Boys for its album entitled The Foundation.

Other than his major career as rapper, he has too stayed as a coordinator as well as a president of Def Jam South from year 2000, where he has promoted the career of famous rapper named Ludacris, the one whom he firstly signed to the label.

Awards & Achievements:

The Source ranked Scarface as #16 on its list of the Top 50 Lyricists of All Time in year 2012. Moreover, also ranked him as #10 on list of the 50 Greatest MCs of Our Time (from period of 1987 till 2007).

His other achievement is being president and manager of Def Jam South during year 2000.

Net Worth of Scarface:

Scarface has an estimated net worth of -$100 Thousand at present. Two major career fields i.e. rapping and music production allowed him to become famous.

Initially, this rapper became known by working below a name of Akshun and he also launched a single entitled “Scarface”. Besides, he partnered with Rap-A-Lot records as well as partnered with the Geto Boys. The 1989 album of the group entitled as Grip It! On That Other Level became successful.

Through release of his debut album Mr. Scarface Is Back, in year 1991, his earning began to increase. He was effective to continue a solo career while still staying with the Geto Boys. It is found that the rapper contracted and assisted to develop the career of Ludacris.

Till now in his rapping career, Scarface is known to release 11 studio albums. Out of many released singles by him, one among his greatest successful singles was “Smile” and the single was certified as Gold.

Scarface has by now achieved enough stardom and net worth which he can enjoy for the rest of the life. This has become possible through his successful career in rapping and music production.

In spite of limited commercial demand, the rapper stays out of the norm and popular in unique way amongst other rappers in the industry.