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Robson Green is an English Actor who was born on 18th December 1964. He is a man of many trades. He is a singer, songwriter, Presenter as well as angler. He has many films to his name. He was Fusilier Dave Tucker in Soldier Soldier from 1991 to 1995. He played Dr. Tony Hill in Wire in the Blood from 2002 to 2008. He was a presenter at Extreme Fishing Challenge and Tales of Northumberland. He also played Jimmy Powell in the BBC series Casualty. He is currently playing Detective Inspector Geordie Keating on series “Grantchester” that airs on IVT. He was part of the singing duo Robson and Jerome who reassessed several singles in the 1990s. Check out Robson Green’s Net Worth and Age.

Who Is Robson Green? His Career Details, TV Shows

Robson Golightly Green grew up in Dudley which is a mall mining village in Cramlington. His father was Robson Green who was also a miner, and the mother was Anne who was a cleaner as well as a shopkeeper. He was named according to the North East tradition where the firstborn son takes the family surnames. Robson was the name of his paternal grandmother and Golightly was the surname of his maternal grandmother. Robson went to Dudley Middle Comprehensive School. He, later on, joined the Air Force after being inspired by the jets flying overhead. He joined the Royal Airforce at the age of 16. He then decided against the career after weeks of training in the camp. Robson Green later learned to play the guitar before then on forming a band which was known as the Solid State in 1982. Later on in his life, he also spent one night a week at the Back Worth Drama Center and appeared in one of their production series.

At one time he tried his hand at professional boxing, but he only attended three boxing training sessions for the play Franci Nachoi which he played a boxer. His career in acting started after he auditioned under director Max Roberts who was his previous director at Backworth.

Robson Green was selected to be the lead in the film that was made by Amber Films that highlighted the social problems that were faced by the working class in Thatcher’s Britain. Every episode explained the, and bitter environment the workers lived in. This was what gave Robson a break in the acting world. Many other offers of work followed it. He made his name in BBC when he stared in casualty, but after three series her moved to be a national icon when he was part of Fusilier as Dave Tucker in the Drama series Soldier Soldier. He has over time been part of numerous films.

Robson Green Net Worth

Robson Green is a multi-talented man whose net worth is estimated to be about $6 million.

Image of Robson Green Net worth is $6 million

Robson Green Net worth is $6 million

He earns his salary from acting and broadcasting as well as endorsements from different companies.

Robson Green Was Married Life, Wife, And Divorces. Is He Married Now?

That’s enough about Robson Green’s net worth,  now let us tell you about his married life, series of divorces and current relationship status.

Staying married is not one of Green’s strong suits. He has been married several times and even said to have stolen a clergy’s wife at one point in his life. Well, let’s not call it stealing because he most definitely had the consent of the woman before running away. Let’s have a look at the unstable marriage life of Robson Green.

Green was first married to occupational therapist Alison Olive. The two had been introduced by a close friend, and this led to the couple getting married on 22nd June in 1991. The relationship with his wife did not make the headlines until they were both separated and later on divorced. The two got divorced after being married for eight years in 1999. The relationship was said to have ended because Green had an affair with Pamela McDonald

While still being married to Alison, Green stated dating Vanya Seager who was a page 3 model.

Image of Robson Green with his ex-wife Vanya Seager

Robson Green with his ex-wife.

The two indicated being seen together immediately his divorce with Alison was finalized. Robson Green and Vanya Seager welcomed a kid (a baby boy) into the world in 2000. His name is Taylor Seager –Green.

Robison and Vanya then decided to get married in 2001, and the ceremony was held at Cliveden House, Buckinghamshire. Despite having a child together, the marriage turned sour, and the two got divorced in 2011. Green in an interview revealed that they were in touch but did not talk. They communicate via text for the sake of their son. He said it was safer that way.

In 2013 Robson Green went on his knee to propose to a flight attendant of the British Airways Stephanie Jones. He had a fling with her while he was living in Northumberland where he was a house. She caught his attention when she was serving him dinner on a flight. A close source said that Green had had a difficult time and Stephanie came into his life at the right time.

After the first encounter, Robson went on multiple dates with Stephanie, and she is also said to have accompanied him to a house party. However, the relationship did nr flourish much because of the nature of Stephanie’s work as well as Green. Green traveled from one country to another and Stephanie work was also traveling. The two eventually broke up.

In 2016, however, Green found another love of his life by the name Zolla. Zolla was a Vicar’s wife for 16 years as well as a mother of two. The singer and Zolla were said to meet at the gym.

Image of Robson Green wife (Zolla Short)

Robson Green wife (Zolla Short)

Zolla short, aged 43 was married to Rec Geoffrey short. The Filipina woman was a Sunday school teacher as well. The two had been married for 16 years before leaving with the 51-year-old green.

Rev. Short who is 57 years old said that he could forgive Zolla because as a Christian that is what is expected. This was even after questioning his faith. The two got married after six years of dating in Zolla home city Manila and later spent ten years together in the Philippines where they were helping build schools and improve their business links as well.

She went to England in 2004 at Buckingham Palace when he was being awarded an OBE for services in business.


Little is known about his immediate family. He has managed to keep them away from the public eye.


NameRobson Green
Age53 years old
Birthdate18th December 1964
BirthplaceHexham, United Kingdom
Height1.75 m
WeightNot known
SpouseZolla Short
ChildrenNot known
ParentsNot known
Net worth$6 million