Ramona Singer Net worth, House, Cars, Wiki Type Bio.

Are you familiar with the show The Real Housewives, at least for those who like that kind of TV show? Well, then, I’m sure you are familiar with Ramona Singer, one of the people who is from the first series of this show here and that she is, we can say, one of the main stars of the show. It’s time to find out about Ramona Singer’s Net Worth and something more like her wiki type biography.

 What is Ramona net worth?

Her wealth as one of the main stars in this TV show is about 20 million USD. But this show is only a part of her income. What we can say is that her cash balance from year to year and her popularity does tend to decline so that we can safely claim that she will increase her net worth every year.

Source of income for Ramona

Ramona’s source of income in Romana Singer Net Worth is the TV show “The Real Housewives“, but it is one part of her income. It is a very successful business and the woman who owns the company RMS Fashions, as the makers of skin care lines Renewal True, has its own collection of jewelry (Ramona Singer Jewelry, True Faith Jewelry …) which is very popular and that is selling on the Amazon. Also, Ramona has her own wine ‘Ramona Pinot Grigio.

House, cars and other properties.

Her new car is a restored red Ford Bronco about 40 years old, whose value is assumed somewhere with all investing around 100,000 USD. A beautiful car that does not mean just money but has historical value. She prefers to ride a bike and there are several in her yard. Speaking of the yard, Ramona lives in the house which she received after her divorce, but it is negotiated that she pays a rent of 300,000 USD. The house was purchased in 1995 for the US $ 850,000 so that the question of whether Ramona will next year remain in that house. Current values of her home are about 4.5 million USD. The house is located in Southampton, New York. It is located on an area of 7000 square foot, has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden, in which there is a swimming pool.

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Ramona net worth by years (2014 – 2017)

Ramona is going well even after divorce. At least as far as finances. After the division of property in 2015, and although this year she lost half of the wealth because all shared in half (there was no prenuptial agreement), Ramona was able to her net worth by a couple of million USD.


2014 yearOver 30 million USD together with her husband
2015 year16 million USD
2016 year18 million USD
2017 year20 million USD

Ramona rich lifestyle

Ramona was living as a modern housewife. She has 20 years of marriage behind her, family life, children, but again, she was a media star. Her popularity did not mind that she could devote herself to her family. Unfortunately, that part of her life ended tragically when she caught her husband cheating.

She tries in every situation to shine the rays of beauty, both in front of the camera, and in private life, however, she underwent to plastic surgery. We can conclude that this correction was to be just enough, without exaggeration. She has dedicated her career continues, and her children did not allow divorce disturbed and neglected some segment of her life, even her love with a new partner Randy Jackson. They would say, a very strong woman, and she is. We can only say, Bravo.

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Ramona Singer’s Wiki type bio

Ramona Singer was born on 17.11.1956 in South Hampton, New York. Her career began as a maker of skin care line True Renewal Company RMS Fashions. Then she built her line of jewelry called Ramona Singer Jewelry. Her dizzying success is linked to participation in the show The Real Housewives, which began to be broadcast, back in 2008 and which has had 8 seasons and ninth in progress. Total, without a ninth season, 150 episodes, in which almost all appeared Ramona.

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She was married for 20 years to Mario Singer from whom she divorced in 2015 because of his infidelities. With him, she has a daughter named Avery. Ramona currently lives in New York and enjoying life with a new partner, Randy Jackson, and the further development of her career.

We can only wish her happiness in love because she really deserves it. Also, we hope that her shows continue to have great success as the rest of her business ventures. Ramona, good luck.