Is Rain Brown Gay? Alaskan Bush People’s Rain Brown has revealed the truth.

Looks like Alaskan Bush People’s Youngest one Rain Brown just can’t stay away from media attention. Lately Rain Brown’s gay sexuality taken the spot in celebrity gossip category.

So is Rain Brown Gay?

When people were not talking about her being a gay, they were all trying to figure out if this young beautiful lady was single or dating a boyfriend.

Nobody could find anything about her relationship status, and many came to the conclusion that she might have a mystery boyfriend, which could be true or it just could be that Rainy is still young at 15 years old of age and not yet ready for being in any relationship.

Now, this? I mean she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she has her hair shorts, is that enough to make an assumption of Rain brown being a gay?

well, it isn’t. Because she isn’t gay, She denied it.

So how came her gay rumor?

it all started when Rain brown posted a picture on Instagram with the caption

“When you smile at someone and they smile back do you think they see the ‘ugly’ face you see?” she asked. “ No they see a beautiful gesture of kindness and happiness, so why should you ever see something bad? And maybe some people don’t like your smile say it’s too big or say you laugh too loud, but really.. that’s like saying you’re too happy or you found that too funny, and the answer to the question can you really have too much of a good thing? And the answer is no, not if it is truly good. So laugh and smile and see yourself as the beautiful unique quirky lovable you that you are.”

Then all of sudden there were many comments relating to her sexuality. Some followers started asking about her orientation. One of the followers step ahead to ask “Are you gay?” and there was another comment that said,

I have wondered the same thing but she never answers questions so you can only judge by appearance and the statement that she said she can’t get her hair short enough and all the rainbows on her posts.”

Rain brown quickly responded to this comment saying,
“No, I’m straight. And I call my fans rainbows because my name is Rain, but you do you boo”

So you know now, Your Favourite Rainy Brown is not a Gay, She is Straight and Single. Well, somebody got good news.