Porsha Williams Net Worth, Age, Husband, Dating boyfriend Todd.

Some of us have always wondered how one becomes a celebrity. I must tell you that such a thing, in general, is not easy and it takes a lot of effort, at least in most cases. Some find it easier, some of them difficult, but for one person that has not been difficult, and soon became visible in public.

This is especially true on the female population. Therefore, now when I say her name, Porsha Williams, girls will know immediately of whom is about, and we men, we may somewhere hear about her in passing, perhaps not quite irrelevant.

 What is Porsha William’s net worth?

Porsha had a net worth about 16 million USD along with her now ex-husband NFL player. But after the divorce, due to non-payment of alimony Porsha was left with nothing. Her current condition is approximately 1,500,000 USD and houses worth about 1.5 million USD. Although some media write that her net worth is 500,000 USD, which is not exactly true.

Porsha William net worth $500,000

Porsha William net worth is huge

Because she started from scratch, Porsha was in the show RhoA (The Real Housewives of Atlanta). To this date, this is her main source of income and even if her popularity decline, the series of which currently airs 8 seasons, she has a supporting role. Unfortunately, she of all the participants of this show have the lowest income.

Porsha has begun to address singing, but it is too early yet to say whether she will gain worldwide fame in her musical career. She earns 700,000 per season from the before mentioned TV show, and something else was left from her divorce with her husband who still doesn’t pay child support.

When all this is taken into account it would seem that her final balance of about 3 million USD. Not counting that her Sugar Daddy weighs net worth about 2 billion USD of which he is accused of stealing from the Nigerian government so for him now that money is not available, at least for the duration of the trial.

Porsha Williams was Married to a husband but now divorced and dating a boyfriend Todd Stweart.

Appeared for the first time in the show Platinum Weddings in 2011 where she met her then-husband NFL player, Cordell Stewart.

A divorce in 2013 brought a lot of publicity and participation in the TV show The Real Housewives of the fifth season. Currently, broadcast ninth season and she is still in it.

After the divorce, she has been in a relationship with the Nigerian billionaire Jide Bashorun Omoko, but it was never confirmed. Now is currently in a relationship with new boyfriend Todd Stewart. The love birds have been spotted together on several occasion. The picture below shows that they have been really happy together.

Picture of Porsha Williams with her new boyfriend Todd Stweart

Porsha Williams with her new boyfriend Todd Stewart

The couple hasn’t revealed anything about taking their relationship to the next level. But if everything goes well they might get married later in the future.

We hope that with the present Porsha’s boyfriend will have more success and that they will have a child together. It is time to settle down and take care of her private life.

Porsha William Age: How old is RHOA Star, Porsha Williams.

Porsha Williams was born on 22.06.1981 in Georgia, Atlanta.  So as of 2017, her age is 36 years old.She did modeling at the beginning of her career.

House, cars and other properties

About the house in which she lives Porsha we already said what it costs, and she bought it in November last year. It is a luxurious house, which extends to 5920 square meters in the prestigious village Duluth in Georgia near the golf course just 2 minutes from Nene Leakes. The house contains 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a large kitchen, 5 fireplaces and a library. She has a white Rolls Royce, which she received as a gift, and whose price is 300,000 USD.

The house contains 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a large kitchen, 5 fireplaces and a library. She has a white Rolls Royce, which she received as a gift, and whose price is 300,000 USD. Not much for someone with $3 million net worth, right?

All you need is FAITH TRUST, and a Little Pixie-Dust✨ #blessedandhighlyfavored

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Porsha net worth by years (2014 – 2017)

By 2014 Porsha had 16 million USD, together with her husband. From 2014 she started from scratch. From contracts of tv shows each year she earned 700,000 USD.

2014 yearNoone knows, around 500.000 USD
2015 year1.6 million USD
2016 year2.3 million USD
2017 year3 million USD

Porsha rich lifestyle

What we can conclude is that Porsha definitely loves a life of a celebrity person and that her popularity is still the most important, and that by all means trying to stay in the world Celebrity people. How else to justify her association with Jide Bashorun Omoko who was her Sugar Daddy. Now she has a plan to have a baby with her current boyfriend Todd Stewart. Maybe it’s time to start a normal family life, that is what she desires.