Nightblue3 Net Worth

Nightblue3 is a League where contains streamers and having near about 1,457,000 followers in the Twitch. Nightblue3 famous for providing informative streams and having several seasons which are involved in it as a playing league of legends and NA Solo Queue third season. Now let’s have a short look on Nightblue3 net worth in 2018.

NightBlue3 Early Life

Rabia Yazbek is the real name for Nightblue3 having an age of 23 years. It has been located in Michigan in the United States and easily available in a social media network. On Twitter, it has been considered with the name @Nightbloo and can be easily available. Moreover, it can be easy to find on Facebook with the name Nightblue3LoL and can be connected through YouTube channel with the name Nightblue3.

Nightblue3 Net Worth 2018

Nightblue3 Career Awards and Achievements

Nightblue3 has started their streaming around 5 AM PST and reached up to millions of people. Their major league of Legends has been played for around seven years and has been watched by many of the visitors. After, they started providing informative streams which help the people to get more offensive streams which they required. The visitors are more attracted while they provided the stream of elo season 2 and which make the highest peaked at about 2500. After, their services are getting in demand when they received the challenges in the third season of ranking 5v5 and also got the third rank in the solo Queue third season.

Their streams are also considered in the fourth season of Kha’Zix Jungle and also been considered as a challenger in Solo Queue’s fourth season with the 900 peaked LP. Moreover, they also mentioned their one of the favourite championship as Master Yi and having a different dislike for the streams of the Champion Riven. All the streams are uploaded while having the information deeply and later they also manage all the streams on their YouTube channel. While getting popularity, they also played different types of non-meta junglers include AP Rengar and Sated Vayne.

Moreover, they also knew for their catchphrases that are continuously going on the stream like Kappa, Holly Molly, Lag, and Flamingos. Their popularity has been increasing among the people and always come up with new streams which are useful for the people. If talking about this channel, then it can be considered in the ninth position for the most viewed channel lists on They have completed their millions of subscribers easily within few years and now increasing day-by-day. The people are more connected towards it because they are providing relevant and useful streams which are used by the people more likely and their services are better than any other streamers.

Awards and Achievements

Nightblue3 has been nominated for the numerous achievements in the entire field. The biggest achievement that they received is for getting 1,457,000 subscribers in their stream. They also get the name in the list of ten most viewed channels and received 9th position there. Later, they received the challenges in the third season of 5v5 and got the third rank in the solo Queue season third. They also achieved many achievements since they are providing streams and the people mostly liked to watch their streams which are based on facts and required things.

Net worth of Nightblue3

Nightblue3 is a League where contains streamers who has earned a total earning of $3 million. Their earnings have been generated from the streams that they provide for the users. The more views come to the streams will help more to generate income and also helped him to get more popularity among other streamers.

Nightblue3 can be known for those who can use streams in daily life. The main motive of them is to provide relevant streams to the required person along with playing leagues of Legends. Their success is connected towards their followers, and their most contribution can help them to get more success.