NigaHiga’s Ryan Higa Net Worth. His girlfriend, dating and age.

Famous for his Nigahiga Channel on YouTube, Ryan has quite a high net worth. By his net worth, you can tell that he has built a solitude career for himself. He is also known to have been dating one of his close friends TarynnNago. As of 2017, the name of his girlfriend is yet to be disclosed. Moreover, his dating status is said to be single.

NigaHiga Net worth 2017

$2 Million

Ryan Higa is an American-Japanese YouTube personality who has a net worth of $2 million as of 2017. Owing his own production company known as “Ryan Higa Production Company”, earning from that company has added to his high net worth.

Ryan with his friends Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos and his then girlfriend TarynnNago created the YouTube channel Nigahiga in 2006. This platform got them exposed to the masses.  In the past years, he has appeared in films and Television series. That has definitely added to his prominence as an entertainer.

His net worth went higher after he appeared in the 2016 movie “Tell Me How I Die”.

Who is Ryan Higa’s girlfriend? Know who he is dating

As of now, Ryan Higa is known to have only had two girlfriends in the past. In 2006 he dated his colleague and friend Tarynn Nago. Their relationship lasted till 2010.

NigaHiga's Ryan Higa with his former girlfriend Tarynn Nago

NigaHiga’s Ryan Higa with his former girlfriend, Tarynn Nago

In the same year 2010, Higa dated Andrea Thi. However, that same year their relationship ended due to reasons they never disclosed to the public. As of 2017, Ryan Higa is said to be single. His first girlfriend to be documented was Tarynn Nago. They are still working together as colleagues till date.

His success in NigaHiga

This channel was spear headed by him in the beginning with the help of his friends Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos, and TarynnNago.

He, later on, created the Ryan Production company with the help of his friend Sean which aids the Nigahiga with the production process.

The Nigahiga has about 20 million plus subscribers as of 2017 with 3.4 billion viewers in total. Ryan Higa has a large fan base and that has boosted the popularity of the Nigahiga. Among them all, he seems to have more influence.