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The cast of Mountain Men is a set of individuals who seclude themselves from the modern day world. Instead, they live off the land deep in the forest, hunting, and gathering. Even so, there are no limits as to the reach of news and rumors surrounding the celebrities. Take a look at Morgan Beasley for example, talk of his marital status made rounds on articles with affiliated rumors all over. So does Morgan Beasley from Mountain Men have a wife? Find out more on that and other details including his net worth here.

Is Mountain Men Morgan Beasley married to wife? Or is he single?

The Alaskan woods seem like a vast set of dense forest and predators lurking around. Being self-sufficient has taught the Mountain Man a thing or two about survival. However, it does get pretty lonely out there sometimes. So how exactly does he cope?

The TV personality has managed to find comfort in his own company. He lives a single secluded life with no wife or children to keep him company. He bares the cold at night, hunts, cooks and cleans after himself. Morgan Beasley is completely cut off from the world with barely any human interaction.

Are Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern Married or just rumors?

While some of his fans maybe intent on knowing about his survival skills, others also want to know about his personal life. Rumors broke the internet of the star not just dating his fellow cast member Margaret Stern, but also that they were married.

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Stern is a published botanist, baker, and farmer also living in Alaska. Like the Mountain man, she too chose a life of seclusion to connect with the outdoors better. The rumors of their union came after fans noticed that they spent an awful lot of time together on and off-set. Nevertheless, it was strictly platonic as he went to her when in need of a few gardening tips. Together they partnered on Apricity Alaska; a self-sufficient agricultural homestead.

Morgan Beasley Net worth, Salary.

Morgan Beasley has an astounding net worth of $1 million. The reason we describe it as astounding is that unlike the rest of the crew, he joined the show during its 4th season. This is a short period to make all that money considering the show is currently in its 6th season.

Image of Morgan Beasley net worth is $1 million

Morgan Beasley net worth is $1 million

The TV personality earns a salary of $200,000 from the show. From that, he managed to generate his net worth and even acquired a 37-acre piece of land in Alaska. When it comes to comparison with the rest of the team, he falls among the top successful Mountain men. Other sources of income come from his work from trapping and the products he sells off from his handy work

Wiki-bio, age, family, Career.

NameMorgan Beasley
Date of BirthUnknown
Place of BirthUndisclosed
ProfessionTV personality, Survivalist
Net worth$1 million
Marital statusSingle
Hair colorBrown
Height5’ 10’’

In most reality shows, the characters always have a background check. For Beasley, that information is only privy to him alone. He has not revealed his age, date, and place of birth. Moreover, the details of his family are also in the wind. The only person related to him that he chose to let the world know is his sister Jill Beasley who works as a medical sales recruiter. They aren’t that close but she fully supports his different way of life.

An educated guess points out that the survivalist Mountain Men Morgan Beasley got some decent high school education. This is because he enrolled at the University of Idaho. While there, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science.

Much of his career began shortly after life in college. He lived a city life and it wasn’t long before the city fork irked him. To make ends meet, he worked random jobs like construction and fish processing. As time went by, so did his tolerance level for modernity.

Morgan Beasley from Mountain Men took some time off and retreated to become one with nature. This included outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing, and horse-riding. He traveled the land as a nomad hunting and living off the land for ten years before finally settling at Alaska. It’s here that he got a role on Mountain Men. There, he even became the first person to grow garlic in the harsh cold climatic conditions.

Other Cas of Mountain Men includes Eustace Conway, Tom Oar, Marty Meierotto and others.


Overall, Morgan Beasley prefers the company of animals, especially horses to people. This explains why he has no wife and kids. He detested factories and chose to move further away from them. He likes everything natural in the wilderness. There, he enjoys a peaceful, quiet life with his $1 million net worth.