Molly Qerim Net Worth, Salary, Measurements, Age, Ethnicity, married, Husband

In the sports world, nothing is more satisfying than beating the evening traffic to come home and catch the latest highlights of The Game. Molly Qerim, a renown sports anchor on ESPN, does the world justice by bringing top-notch game coverage onto our screen. We’ll not only take a look into Molly Qerim salary and overall net worth but also dive into her body measurements, age, and ethnicity. Her recent marriage to her husband has also been the topic of much discussion on popular articles. Find out more here.

Molly Qerim Married to a husband or dating a boyfriend?

Every woman dreams of her wedding day. A big ceremony with flowers, glitz, and glamor – that is, of course, provided she meets her prince charming. However, you may want to dial it back a little bit when you are a celebrity and do it privately.

The sports anchor Molly Qerim is married to her longtime boyfriend, Jalen Rose on 21st July 2018. If you are a massive fan of basketball, then you may recognize him as a former NBA player. The newly married couple tried secretly dating, but that didn’t turn out so high as the news broke out back in 2016.

Image of Molly Qerim with her husband Jalen Rose

Molly Qerim with her husband, Jalen Rose

They met as co-workers and instantly fell in love. Two years later, their passion culminated in a private wedding held in New York city with only their family and friends in attendance. They don’t have any kids together. Nevertheless, Rose has two daughters, Maria and Gracie. Molly Qerim’s husand Jalen Rose also has a son from his previous relationship named LaDarius.

Molly Qerim Net Worth, Salary.

She may not be an athlete like her current husband but has managed to amass a significant fortune from her sports career. That said, Molly Qerim has an astounding net worth of $3 million. She makes most of her money as a sports journalist on ESPN’s First Take. The company pays her roughly $50 thousand a month for her appearances in the network. Moreover, she also anchored shows on other channels like ESPN 2 and CBC network.

Image of Molly Qerim net worth is $3 million

Molly Qerim net worth is $3 million

Other sources include her work in live coverage of the NBA Draft and the NBA All-Star Game. She is considered as the most versatile reporter and most sought out for during high profile events. Her skills are not only limited to basketball events as she knows her history around other sports like UFC which has also landed her jobs.

Molly Qerim Measurement.

Journalists on TV always look presentable with their formal wear. It’s easy to notice the curves on a lady reporter as they are mostly in tight-fitting dresses. Mrs. Rose is no exception. It’s no secret that most of her audience are males, and that’s not because of sports but also as a result of her beauty.

Her body measurements are 37-27-38 ranking her among the ten most beautiful female reporters. Pump in her height of 5 feet 6 inches and her weight at 63kg, and you’ll see why her husband fell in love with her.

How old is Molly Qerim?  Her age, birthdate.

The ESPN sports anchor already wrapped up her birthday celebrations for this year. She enjoyed her birthday with family and friends on March 31st as they cheered her on turning age 34. Quick Math puts her birth date as March 31st, 1984 with her star sign as Aries.

Molly Qerim Wiki-Bio, Ethnicity, Career

NameMolly Rose Qerim
Date of BirthMarch 31st,1984
Place of BirthNew Haven
ProfessionSports anchor and Journalist
Net worth$3 million
HusbandJalen Rose
Height5’ 6’’
Weight63 Kgs.
Body measurements37-27-38

The sports anchor was born in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Talk of her siblings is unheard of. We wouldn’t know whether or not they exist since she keeps mostly to herself when it comes to private affairs. Information on the people who gave her life is also not available. However, digging up into her past reveals that her dad is Muslim while her mother is Catholic. Her ethnicity is half Italian and half Albanian. That’s summarized her early life.

She attended the University of Connecticut in her hometown where she majored in Business Administration. Aiming higher, the newly graduated enrolled for a Masters in Broadcast Journalism at Quinnipiac University. With her qualifications, she landed her first job reporting for SEC Tonight, and Tailgate shows back in the day.

Her breakthrough came in 2007 when she got a job as a sports moderator. She also hosted NFL Fantasy Live and waking up to spearhead the show NFL AM. Being a visionary and hard worker, she was asked to replace Cari in ESPN’s First Talk. It has been smooth sailing from here on out with jobs lining up to her feet.


Molly Qerim has been covering sports tournaments and events as well as hosting sports shows for over a decade. Her hard work has reflected quite well upon her net worth. She now has a loving husband at 34 years of age. We can’t wait to see what’s next for the sports anchor.