Meet Guy Fieri’s Sons “Hunter Fieri” and “Ryder Fieri”. Their age, wiki-bio.

Guy Ramsay Fieri was born on 22nd of January, 1968. He was born in Columbus, Ohio. His parental background includes his mother and father and grandfather named as Penelope Anne, Lewis James Ferry, and Giuseppe Fieri. His early life was under-developed in a rural part of California. A tiny town named Ferndale in Humboldt Country. He covered up his high school diploma from France and was overseas convertibility student. This “Overseas Education” was a turning point in his life towards his primary aim. In 1995, he groomed up his lovely married life with Lori Fieri. Let’s find out more about Guy Fieri’s Son, Hunter Fieri, and Ryder Fieri.

Guy Fieri with his family

Hunter Fieri: Wiki-Bio, Age.

Guy and Hunter Fieri in Athens, Greece in front of the Acropolis as seen in Food Network's Guy's European Vacation episode 1.

Guy Fieri with his son Hunter

Like Father, like Son mythology follows, Hunter Fieri. After one year of the marriage of the trending chef and an active Restaurateur, Guy Fieri with Lori Fieri, they were blessed with the baby boy. The birth of the first child brought great happiness to the Fieri family. Summer brings a smile, and yes Hunter’s birth brought those cheerful delights.

  • Hunter’s College Life and Education

Being the elder son Hunter follows the legacy of his father Guy. Hunter attained his early education in northern California. After completing his high school diploma, he did the hotel management course at Sonoma Academy, William F. Harrah College of Hotel Management. Their genes contain the fuel to power cuisines. That’s, what they learned since childhood.

UNLV (University of Nevada), Las Vegas was a turning point in Hunter’s life too. Hunter mentions in his statement towards media and press that it was the smart choice for him to come here. Las Vegas offered him the packet full of opportunities to train, gain experience and succeed.

  • What is the Present Age of Hunter?

The Leo born Hunter has presently crossed his teenage. The mature adult Guy Fieri’s Older son Hunter Fieri’s son 21 years old. He was born on 7th of August, 1996.

  • Hunter’s Biography, Career, And Facts

NameHunter Fieri
Birth Date7th of August, 1996
ParentsGuy Fieri and Lori Fieri
Grand ParentsPenelope Ferry and Jim Ferry
AuntMorgan Fieri
TV ShowsGuy and Hunter’s European Vacations
College LifeWilliam H. Harrah College of Hotel Management and UNLV
Younger BrotherRyder Fieri
Zodiac signLeo
Birth PlaceUnited States
  • Career and Facts

Hunter did lots of Hardships to gain up the present fame he carries now. The son was trained by his father. Before any fame, he played a major role on television shows of his father named as Guy’s Big Bite series. He got a tremendous and achieved educational background. The main changing point towards his ambition grew with the trivia at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Hunter’s Chocolate Tacos are the famous desserts across the country.

Hunter’s European Vacation show leads his major fans and is a popular TV show presently. Making of Gelato is another treasure for him.

Ryder Fieri Wiki-Bio: Age About Guy Fieri’s Youngest Son.

The Fieri family was blessed, and their happiness kissed the highest peak on 31st December 2005 when there was a birth of another baby boy. As being the youngest amongst his family, infant Ryder is the most affectionate and solicitous member to his parents. Ryder’s parental synopsis include the father Guy Fieri, a marvelous Restaurateur, and a trending Cuisine show host on large media and television, the mother, Lori Fieri and the elder brother Hunter Fieri.

Guy Fieri with his son Ryder

Ryder Fieri Age:

Time is never still. It keeps on moving. Metaphorically, with the passing time, we grow and develop.  Infant Ryder is not a kid now. He is already reached to another stage of life, A Teenage Phase. December born Ryder is about to click to his near thirteen. Presently, he has cherished the beautiful twelve years of his life.


The education is the key step for every successful person. Ryder grew up in northern California. His education started in the northern part of California.

It is said that a son genes his father occupation. But, really is this the fact does Ryder holds? The answer to this is a clean NO. He does not want to be a chef or any Television media host or a trip food planner. Ryder once clearly mentioned on his Twitter account that he wants his father to spend some of the time with his family.  This is the main reason he does not want to be like his father.

Although! His father did his best to train his child. Ryder links with some of the famous television shows of his father. He appeared on Guy’s Big Bite and Guy’s Family Cruise. His father named a famous Turkey recipe after Ryder called as Ryder’s Turkey Chilli.

Ryder Fieri Biography

NameRyder Fieri
Age12 (Marking about to 13)
ParentsGuy Fieri and Lori Fieri
SiblingHunter Fieri
EducationNorthern California
Associated withGuy’s Big Bite and Guy’s Family Cruise
Dish namedRyder Turkey Chilli
Social MediaTwitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Birthday Date31st December 2005
BirthplaceUnited States

Guy Fieri Wiki-Bio.

Dreams and Chimera take time and yet it’s never late to start. To develop more one should have the past experiences. Who says there is no profession as a ‘Chef’ or ‘Saucier’? Some people are just born to cook. They connect! , They talk! , and, They design! And yet they design in a way that they set their life into a bunch of hues where cuisine enshrines all way around.  Imagine! How much Peace and Love food can give?

From being a Purveyor to an American Restaurateur, From a TV Show Host to a Food Trip planner, America owes this hilarious man, ”GUY FIERI”.

Not only the nightmare fulfills one’s aim, all the dramas, and Tantrums that the epitome Struggle, Hard work, and Hardships adheres.  The journey of Guy’s career was not easy. He started his job by being a vendor by selling baked pretzel packets. In order to complete his education, he earned by washing the cookeries in hotels, as his family condition was financially poor.

After such ups and downs, he attained the degree in Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas in 1990. Beneath, the three years of marvelous experience he became the district manager of Louise’s Trattoria, Southern of California managing six restaurants and training the new generation.

Guy Fieri’s Career.

His deemed culinary career is now at its epitome. He owns the currently licensed restaurants. The name of some is Johnny Garlic’s, Tex Wasabi’s, Guy’s American Kitchen and bar, Guy’s Vegas Kitchen and Bar and Guy’s Burger Joint. Apart from an Authentic Restaurateur, he has an optimal hold on World cast media and television.

His major TV shows include Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Ultimate Recipe Showdown, Guy off the Hook, Minute to Win It, Guy’s Grocery Games, Guy’s Big Bite. Guy adores keen works in Literature. He is an author of the bestselling books in New York. The four titled treats include Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Road Trip with recipes), Drop-Top Culinary Cruise (Finest and Funkiest), Guy on Fire (Adventures Outdoor Cooking), The Funky Finds in Flavortown (Classic and Comfort Killer Food).  ‘The Interview’ and ‘I Am Evel Knievel’ are the best Filmographies achieved. He is an ‘Emmy Award’ winner for the greatest Television personality.

Maybe your life is fried as the chicken, but the reward is always with the sweet confection.