Meet Fuzz Townshend wife Cressida Townshend and kids. His net worth revealed

For those who are looking for someone who has not only a fantastic career but also lovely family life, Fuzz Townshend is the man to know more about. While most celebrities focus on making money and fame without caring about their personal lives, The British motoring expert, and drummer, Fuzz has managed to balance family and work, being able to be there for his wife and children, despite his busy schedule. He is famously known for hosting reality show “Car SOS,” which is shown on Fox Channel and National Geographic. This review shares more about his life: wife Cressida, kids, career, and net worth.

Fuzz Townshend married life with wife Cressida Townshend. Meet their kids

Many people do not know about Fuzz’s private life and suffice to say the least, well, he likes to keep his life underwaters, especially when it comes to his wife Cressida and kids. But he got married to his lovely wife, Cressida Townshend after dating for many years. His marriage to his wife came as a surprise to many of his fans. However, the exact date for his marriage is not known, primarily because he doesn’t share a lot.

That is not the only surprising thing, did you know he also has kids? Fuzz is a proud parent of two beautiful kids, whom he shares with his wife Cressida. Their names are Oscar and Honour. Honour, who is the first child was born in 1998, and Oscar was born in 2002. His children are adults now and now go to college and high school, respectively.  Many people don’t know Fuzz grew without his father. He left him when he was young. But unlike his dad, he is a very loving father. He knows what it means to live without a father. Many of his fans don’t know his mother raised him. We hope he will continue being a great dad.

A short bio on his wife, Cressida Townshend

There is not much information about his wife Cressida Townshend, other than the fact that she is married to Fuzz, and they are now living together over ten years.

But according to Fuzz, his wife has been very supportive of him and even mentions her role in his success. He quoted,

“There have been some time in my life when I was so down and needed someone around, Cressida has been always there for me. She is very supportive of me and she makes me 100%”

This clearly shows his love for his soulmate, the reason why this Car SOS star has kept his married life a secret might be to protect his family from media critics which is what most celebs do these days.

Fuzz Townshend net worth and salary

Fuzz Townshend

Fuzz Townshend is a versatile individual, he is not only a musician and a drummer, but also a reality show TV host, and because of this, he has made quite a fortune for himself, not forgetting fame.

His net worth has continued to increase since he started working with the band “The Beat,” and appearing in the show “Car SOS.” According to a reliable source, Fuzz Townshend has a net worth of 5 million dollars.


As far as music is concerned, Fuzz learned a lot from the local jazz musician, Al Reed. His first performance was when he was 12 years of age. Since then he worked as a drummer for many bands such as Pop Will Eat Itself, General Public, and The Beat.

His first solo album, ‘Far,’ was released in 1999, and the next one in 2002. Apart from music, he is also a motoring journalist and has featured on PTE’s Dudley garage. He is a novice in garaging, and this saw him becoming a host on Fox Channel/ National Geographic’s Car SOS.  Before that, he was an editor for the “Practical Classics” and became an ambassador for “Carole Nash Classic Car Insurance.

 Wiki bio

car sos Fuzz Townshend

Sources say that Fuzz was born in 1964 in the UK.  This year, he hits 53 years of age. His mother won a Vauxhall Chevette in a competition when he was only ten. He has a proper height and belongs to mixed ethnicity.

NameFuzz Townshend
WifeCressida Townshend
KidsOscar and Honour
ProfessionDrummer, TV host
Net worth5 million dollars.