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Matt Moneymaker has appeared in the series of Finding Bigfoot since its inception in 2011. He had developed an interest in Bigfoot when he was just 11after watching a famous 1970s documentary about it. He has gained fame in the show of Finding Bigfoot and has gained a good following.

Finding Bigfoot Matt Moneymaker married to a wife?

Matt Moneymaker is a very secretive person and has kept her private life a  big secret. In fact, little is known about most of his personal life. The issue whether he is married or not has been a debate for quite some time now.

However, we have been able to find some information that Matt Moneymaker is married. The woman in question remains unknown. From the source, he is happily married and has two kids. Wel, it is a wonder as to why he has kept such matters at bay for long.

Matt Moneymaker is a family Man with Kids

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Net Worth and Salary

Matt Moneymaker has made a fortune from being a reality star. His breakthrough in his career came when he appeared as co-host and a researcher in the show “Finding Bigfoot”. His dedication and many years of service have seen him earn a fortune. Matt Moneymaker earns a salary of $40,000 from his appearance in the series.

Matt Moneymaker has a net worth of $300,000. All this have been made through years of sheer hard work. His main source of income is in the television series.

However, Matt’s net worth is subject to increase due to his active role in the television show.There are no other sources of his income other than his acting profession.

Matt Moneymaker Net Worth is $300,000

Caption:- Matt Moneymaker Net Worth is $300,000

Wiki Bio, age, real name, Family

Matt Moneymaker was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He was born in 1965, and his father was called Richard Rich Moneymaker. He is 52 years old. He attended the University of California in Los Angeles where he graduated with BA in English Literature in 1992. He also attended Akron School of Law where he majored in Copyright Law.

 Matt Moneymaker with bird in hand

Matt Moneymaker is a man full of secrets. His real name has been questioned for quite for a long time now. Moreover, his second name was adopted by his great-grandfather when he emigrated from Germany to the United States, and he chose an English name to hide his Germany identity. The name has been passed to generations. So as far as his real name is concerned it is a mystery.

Matt Moneymaker selfee

Talking about his family, Matt Moneymaker belongs to the family of practicing lawyers, and that is why he decided to study law himself after graduating with BA in English.

His father, brother and his sister are practicing lawyers. He does not practice law himself but has chosen to venture into Finding Bigfoot. And looks like being a reality star came out to be a better profession for him. Other information relating to his parents and siblings remains undisclosed.

He is one of the main cast of a tv Show “Finding Bigfoot”. His interest in a mystery creature Bigfoot led him to seek a career in finding the Bigfoot.