Magician David Blaine Net Worth 2018. His Wife, Fiancé Alizee Guinochet, and Daughter.

David Blaine is a famous  American magician, endurance artist, and illusionist. He has been featured in movies and TV shows such as Street Magic, What Is Magic, Mr. Lonely, Dive of Death and Magic Man. This magician has also set many records and broken several world records with the most surprising one being, being able to hold his breath for a Guinness book world record of 17 minutes and 4 seconds. Not only those achievements but also book writing. He has written and published books such as Mysterious Stranger, Minecraft Mods, and Guide to Stress-Free living. Let’s find out the magician David Blaine Net Worth. Also, know more about his girlfriend and fiance Alizee Guinochet.


He was born on 4th of April in the year 1973 in Brooklyn, New York City in the United States of America. Her late mother Patrice Maureen White was a school teacher while his late father, William Perez is a veteran of the famous Vietnam War. He was raised by her single mum who later on married John Bukalo.

He attended Passaic Valley Regional High School, Neighborhood Playhouse drama school and appeared in several soap operas and TV commercials. Blaine has one half-brother Michael Bukalo.

David Blaine Net worth in 2018 is $12 Million.

The often called “modern-day Houdini” David Blaine has a net worth of 12 million U.S dollars. A lot of money right? He has acquired his Net Worth mainly by his magic performances on the streets (not just in the US but all around the world), appearing in TV specials and his own TV shows too.

Besides that, he has been able to pocket a lot of cash by selling his published books, payments of movies and soap operas he has worked in.

House and Car in His Net Worth

He has a secret 4,400-square-foot lab located off the busy streets of Chinatown in New York City. The lab has three floors including administrative offices for his DB productions, a small gym and two bedrooms for visiting collaborators.

He also crashes here after his late-night sessions. He has had two mansions. The first one being 1,044 square feet, two bedrooms and one bathroom with a price of 2.27 million US dollars located in New York.

The second one is a 3,453-square-foot duplex condo in Tribeca which he bought at 1.675 million dollars.

David Blaine was once spotted leaving his mansion in New York City with a BMW motorcycle, a ride worth his net worth.

David Blaine on a BMW bike with his fiance Alizee Guinochet

David Blaine on a BMW bike with his fiancee Alizee Guinochet

Fiancee and daughter

David Blaine’s fiance Alizee Guinochet was born on 17th may 1985 in Paris, France. She is a Supermodel and an actress known for Rock’n Roll and Holly Rollers. They have a daughter named Dessa Blaine who was born on 27th January back in 2011 in New York City.

During Alizee Guinochet’s labor pain, due to a heavy storm, they were unable to get a cab to reach the hospital. After many difficulties, they reached the hospital in a ‘magic’ way using a Snowplow.

David still engaged to Fiancée Alizee Guinochet?

David Blaine has dated the 32-year-old model since 2008.David and Alizee were once engaged to marry but suffered too many rumors of separation back in 2015. Their engagement was after then broken. Did they get separated? Like his magic tricks, David Blaine keeps his private life a big secret.

Any chances his fiancée Alizee Guinochet will be his wife?

David was once seen in a dance club with a lady who was not Alizee Guinochet. Replying to questions about the scene, he said that he and his fiancée were on a break from their relationship. As Alizee was not his wife, there is no chance of divorce but their relationship status is complicated. From his words, one can only guess the chance of the two getting married.

David Blaine with his fiance and their daughter

David Blaine with his fiance and their daughter

Alizee Guinochet lives in Paris with their daughter, and David admits paying them a visit whenever he gets a chance to do so. David says he and Alizee are still close, but the situation is a bit different. He also says he is a family man who wants to spend more time with his family more so the daughter to bond with her. Even though Alizee is yet to be seen with another man, it’s still not clear if they have any marriage plans.