Lisa Bonet: Net worth (2018). Her Age, Birth Date.

Lisa Bonet who is an American actress is best known for her role in The Cosby Show as Denise Huxtable Kendall. The actress who has earned her net worth from acting has faced all kinds of ups and downs from a very young age. Be it her eloping and marrying boyfriend Lenny Kravitz or her acting career, Lisa Bonet has proved herself as a fighter though. To learn more about the lifestyle, husband, net worth and children of ever so classy and elegant looking actress, read on.

Lisa Bonet Net worth, salary.

Lisa Bonet has been acting since the age of 11 in television commercials and made appearances in child shows. She continued to appear in various beauty pageants when she grew up.

Lisa rose to fame when she was cast in NBC sitcom “The Cosby Show” as Denise Huxtable Kindall. She was loved for her performance in the show and became a prominent name among the households. Lisa left the show briefly to star in its spin-off comedy show called “A Different World” where she portrayed the high-school life of young Denise Huxtable Kindall.

She then appeared in the movie “Angel Heart” directed by Alan Parker. The movie had about a minute of explicit scenes where she appeared topless, and it gained much attention. Lisa returned to “The Cosby Show” the following year but was fired from thereof which the reason being her coming late for shoots, termed as “creative differences” by the producers.

Image of Lisa Bonet net worth is $16 million

Lisa Bonet net worth is $16 million

Following this Lisa Bonet started accepting jobs on the straight-to-video basis and of made-for-television movies. She then went on to host “Why to Bother Voting”. In 1998 she performed and did justice to a supporting role in the movie “Enemy of The State” with Will Smith. In the year 2000, Lisa Bonet starred in the movie titled “High Fidelity”. Later in the years 2003 and 2006, movies “Biker Boyz” and “Whitepaddy” came her way to add up to her net worth. She then appeared in the US adaptation of British series “life on Mars”.

Lisa Bonet won the award for a best young female star in motion pictures for “Angel Heart” and was nominated three awards for “The Cosby Show.”

To sum it up, having taken up all these ventures, Lisa Bonet’s estimated net worth today is around $16 million.


When we come to imagine the lifestyle of fallen stars like Lisa Bonet, who struggled actually throughout their age, we might think of them living in a forlorn corner, estranging them from the rest of the world, in a miserable life. Well, others who might know the real thing wouldn’t even laugh it away. Our Lisa Bonet, the fallen star, is still so elegant and glossy that leaves us in awe.

Bonet lives in a 1600 sq. Ft. House in Topanga which is a western Los Angeles County. She lives with her kid in this beautiful abode in 5 acres of canyon country she calls home.

Lisa further told that life up in these mountains is “quiet, tranquil and, yeah, a bit reclusive. But that’s my Scorpio nature. I already have that loner personality.”

Lisa Bonet’s Divorce and previous Married life.

Lisa Bonet started dating Lenny Kravitz in mid-80s, not wrong to say that in the prime of her youth as well as career. She had said that both of them came from the same backgrounds and that amazed her, and Lisa and Lenny Kravitz were getting to know each other. Their relationship was soon a matter to be shared all over the tabloids, and Lenny’s popularity increased manifolds. They got eloped in 1987 and married. Lisa gave birth to her daughter, first child, Zoe Isabella born in 1988 when at the age of 21.

Image of Lisa Bonet with her husband Jason Momoa

Lisa Bonet with her husband, Jason Momoa

Lisa and Lenny’s relationship was not rid of problems ever, and they finally had to take divorce in 1993. After the divorce, Lisa Bonet somewhere disappeared from the screens for a while and started dating Bryan Kest, a yoga instructor with the home she moved in soon. Okay, our fitness secret is no more a secret Lisa.

Lisa Bonet Is Now Married To Actor Jason Momoa.

In 2005, she began a relationship with Jason Momoa. On July 23, 2007, the couple gave birth to their second child Lola Lolani Momoa when she was at the age of 39. The following year she gave another birth and named the child Nakoa Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa. Wait for what? Was that one name?

Image of Lisa Bonet with their family

Lisa Bonet with their family

Lisa Bonet announced her being married to Jason Momoa only last year while it is believed they’ve been married for ages. Soulmates, aw.

How Old Is Lisa Bonet? Her Birthday, Birthplace, Age

Birthday of Lisa Bonet is on November 16, 1967, and the present age is 50. She was born in San Francisco, California, the U.S. to parents Allen Bonnet, an African American, and Arlene, an opera singer of Jewish descent. Zodiac sign of Lisa is Scorpio.


NameLisa Bonet
BirthdayNovember 16, 1967
BirthplaceSan Francisco, California, U.S.
Height1.57 m
Weight53 kg
SpouseJason Momoa
ChildrenZoe Isabella, Lola Iolani Momoa,

Nakoa Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa.

Net Worth$16 Million