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Check out a Wikipedia lay out on the Star of Life Below Zero Sue Aikens. Here you will get to know her age, Bio, Birthday and her social media accounts. Life Below zero is a Documentary series on the National Geographic Channel. It was first aired in 2013 and it is still running today.  It is based on the lives of six people living and striving in the Alaskan State. They are all subsistence hunters.

  • Chip Hailstone
  • Agnes Hailstone
  • Jessie Holmes
  • Andy Bassich
  • Erick Salikan
  • Sue Aikens

Chip and Agnes Hailstone have seven children together.

The documentary shows us daily and seasonal activities that these hunters experience while living this remote place. A Wikipedia follow up can be found online on each one of them. Although Wikipedia doesn’t go in depth, it gives us a brief history on all of them.

Check out Sue Aiken’s net worth and husband.

Age: How old is Sue Aikens?

Sue Aikens was born in 1963. Her month of birth is not available. She is 54 years old.According to the Wikipedia post on the cast of the Life Below Zero documentary, Susan is reported to be at the age of 54.

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Life Below Zero star Sue Aikens, 54 years old

Source: National Geographic Channel

Sue Aikens Wikipedia type bio, age, birthday

Life and Career

Sue Aiken (born Susan Aiken) was born in Chicago in 1963 before moving to Alaska at a young age. From Preschool days, she was always an outdoor child with a desire to leave in extreme isolation all the time.In an interview with National Geographic presenters, she explained one incident that almost left her dead. “I had to sew my own head together, my arm, and before my hips popped out, I went across the river, found the bear, shot him, called the trooper and lay there 10 days.” This happened after a Grizzle bear attacked her.

Sue Aikens is a Warden in the Kavik River Camp which is a base for hunting opportunities for various hunters. She calls this place her home. From a young age, she has known how to hunt alone. Aikens has been working at the Arctic National Wildlife for 11 years now. Having known the owner for a long time, he saw her skills and knew she deserved it.

At the age of 54, she has a net worth of $500,000. Though Wikipedia doesn’t have available information on her personal profile, she is listed as one of the most fearless and brave women.

Name:                              Susan Aikens

Born                                   1963(age 54)

Chicago, USA.


Residence                       Alaska


Occupation                     Warden at Kavik River Camp


Years active                    2013 – Present


Partner(s)                       N/A


Parents                            N/A


Net worth                      $500,000

Sue Aikens Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts

This life below zero cast has an active twitter account as SueAiken. Most of her fans get to chat with her on this platform. Although her poor internet connections make it difficult at times, she is always tweeting when online. Most of her tweets consist of her day to day activities including hunting.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have an active Facebook account but a fan page is available that lets those interested in knowing more about Sue Aikens get acquainted. At this day and age people even in remote places get access to social media. Conclusively, it is okay to say the only social media account Sue Aikens is active on is twitter.