Lesbian Wanda Sykes Wife Alex Sykes Kids, Happily Married.

American Comedian and actress Wanda Sykes came out publicly as a lesbian in 2008 during a rally in Las Vegas. The rally was in protest of the Proposition 8 bill which was against same-sex marriage. This happened just a month after her marriage to her current wife, Alex Niedbalski.

The couple has a set of fraternal twins born in 2009; daughter Olivia Lou and Lucas Claude. Wanda writing career was appreciated on the Chris Rock show after she won the Primetime Emmy Awards in 1999. Before accepting her sexuality, Wanda was married to producer Dave Hall. Their marriage lasted for 7years from 1991 to 1998; they had no children together.

Married to Wife and Partner Alex Sykes.

Wanda and Alex Sykes met in 2006 on a trip to Fire Island N.Y. According to Wanda, we can describe it as love at fast sight, she explains on how she spotted Alex on the ferry ride to the island. They later met the following day, and after being introduced to each other, they just connected automatically. Their friendship which began on the island later developed into a love relationship and finally marriage.

Wanda Sykes and partner Alex Sykes in Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2010

Wanda Sykes married to her wife and partner Alex Sykes

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She got married to her French girlfriend, Alex Niedbalski in October 2008. A year later after their marriage on April 27th, 2009, Alex gave birth to a set of twins a son and a daughter which made them extremely happy. Wanda and Alex are happily married and loyal to each other, affirming her wife Wanda tells her that she should never worry about catching her in bed with another woman and in case that happens she will only be resting and not cheating on her.

Wanda Sykes Kids.

Just like any other couple Wanda and Alex were super excited and anxious about their first pregnancy. Despite being a writer, she never took it to her interest to read the pregnancy and child preparation books. Instead, she dedicated herself to watching “Jon and Kate Plus 8” in the hope of grasping one or two things about pregnancy and kids.

Wanda Sykes' twins kids

Wanda Sykes’ twins kids

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By week 35 she was super anxious to see her kids and couldn’t wait for their arrival four weeks later on April 27th, 2009, Alex was induced into labor and underwent a c-section to deliver the twins. It was a healthy and incident free birth giving the couple a great relief. Their son Lucas Claude was born 7 pounds 9 Ounce heavy and 20 inches tall while daughter, Olivia Lou was 6pounds 7 Ounce heavy and 19 inches tall.

The twins love doodling and crafting, she enjoys crafting with them she explains that to him crafting with them helps her get into their small mind. She takes note of any symbolism in their work and tries to put meaning to it.

Wanda Sykes failed previous marriages and divorce

Earlier on before accepting her sexual preference, Wanda was married to Dave (David) Helleborus as a record producer. The two had dated for a while before getting married in 1991. Their marriage however only lasted for seven years before coming to an end in 1998 after she declared her homosexuality preference.

This came as a shock especially to her conservative parents who found it extremely difficult to accept her homosexuality. This caused a great rift between Wanda and her parents such that her parents didn’t attend her wedding to Alex. However Wanda and her parents have managed to reconcile their differences and are currently proud grandparents to the twins