Leah Carvey: Dana Carvey’s Ex Wife Biography

Married Life With Dana Carvey

Leah Carvey is the ex-wife of the famous comedian Dana Carvey who is famous for his impersonation talent. The married life of Leah Carvey with Dana Carvey has always been an interesting topic for the media and the public. The marriage of Leah and the comedian stayed only for a year. In the beginning, the marriage was very good and it seemed that the couple is one of the sweetest couples in the industry. However, it looks as if some issues started between Dana and Leah just after a few months of marriage. Therefore, the couple underwent a divorce within a year. They married in 1979 and divorced in 1980.

Family, Kids

Leah Carvey was unknown to the world before her marriage with Dana Carvey. Her marriage with him changed her life completely as everybody knew her. Her ethnicity is white but that is all everybody knows about her and her family except her ex-husband. She did not reveal much information about her family. Her siblings and parents are unknown too so there is no information about them either. She had a one-year marriage with Dana and no kids. After that, whether she married someone else is also unknown. If she had some children after her divorce with her first husband then the media do not know them either.

About Her Ex Husband Dana Carvey

Dana Carvey is a famous stand-up comedian and actor. He is popular for his performances on the hit show, Saturday Night Live (SNL). He was born on June 2, 1955.

Dashing picture of Dana Carvey on popular show SNL

Caption: Leah Carvey’s ex-husband Comedian Dana Carvey on SNL

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He started his career in the entertainment industry in 1978 and is performing currently. He has won many awards for his various performances. These awards include Emmy Awards and MTV Movie Awards too. After divorcing Leah, he married Paula Zwagerman in the same year. They were married in the year 1983 and have two children namely, Thomas Carvey and Dana Carvey.

Paula Zwagerman with her husband Dana Carvey in Red Carpet function

Caption: Dana Carvey married his first wife Paula Zwagerman in 1983

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Net Worth

The net worth of Leah Carvey is unknown because she has not revealed much personal information. Her source of income, current earnings are also not known.

Current Relationship Status

Leah has not come into the spotlight after her divorce with Dana. Therefore, no one has been able to find out about the current life of Leah and her relationship status. It is believed that she got married again.

Career and Profession

The profession of Leah was unknown even when she was married to the comedian. After the divorce, there has been no information about her career too. It seems that she has successfully concealed her personal life from the limelight of the media and public.


Leah was born in the1950s in the United States of America. There is no information regarding her early life and education. The only thing known about Leah Carvey is her marriage with Dana Carvey. The couple underwent a divorce within a year. Her life after her divorce with the First husband is unknown to everybody. Whether she is alive or dead is unknown to everybody too.