Lark Voorhies Net Worth

Lark Voorhies is an American TV artist who is best known for her portrayal of Lisa Turtle in the famed TV series Saved by the Bell. She is also an author, singer, and model and two-time winner of the Young artist award. A gifted actor Voorhies has also forayed in movies. Now let’s have a close look at Lark Voorhies’s net worth in 2018.

Lark Voorhies Early Life

Lark Voorhies was born as Lark Holloway on 25th March 1974 in Nashville, USA. Her parents are Tricia and Wayne Holloway. She was named Lark by her mother after a character in the movie Cool Breeze. Lark changed her surname to Voorhies to use it as a stage name.

Lark Voorhies Net Worth 2019

Though Lark was born in Nashville, she was brought up in California. Her mother was aware of her acting talents and took her daughter to various auditions at an early age.

Though no information is available on her schooling or college, it is known that Lark started acting early at the age of 12. Her first assignment was a commercial for the King Kong encounter attraction designed by Universal Studios.

Lark came to limelight through her performance in the TV series Saved by the Bell. Since then she has acted in numerous TV shows and movies.

Lark has been married twice. Her first marriage to Miguel Coleman ended in divorce in 2004. Her second marriage to music engineer Jimmy Green lasted barely six months.

Lark Voorhies Career, Awards & Achievements

Lark Voorhies has had an active career in movies, music, and writing.

Though Voorhies started acting at an early age, she got her major break through the TV series Good Morning, Miss Bliss. This show was produced by the Disney Channel and later bought by NBC.

NBC renamed the show to Saved by the Bell which ran for four consecutive years. She later appeared in the sequels of the show Hawaiian Style and Wedding in Las Vegas.

She has also starred in popular TV shows like Days of our lives and Bold and the Beautiful. She has a guest appearance in the TV series Star Trek and Family Matters.

Lark Voorhies extended her TV career to movies and acted in eight movies like Measure of Faith and Little Creeps.

Voorhies has also forayed in the music world and founded her band The Third Degree. It is an alternative band, and she is the lead singer in it. She has also appeared in some music videos.

Lark Voorhies has penned three books, Trek of the Cheshire, Reciprocity and A true light.

Awards & Achievements

Lark Voorhies is an accomplished actress and a model and has been recognized and rewarded for her outstanding on-screen performances.

She has been nominated six times for the young artist award from 1989 to 1993. She has been nominated in various categories like best young actress and outstanding ensemble for her TV series Good Morning, Miss Bliss and Saved by the Bell.

Lark Voorhies won the award two times once in 1990 and the second time in 1993.

Net Worth of Lark Voorhies

Lark Voorhies has earned a net worth of $500 thousand through her acting career in TV. Her show Saved by the Bell was one of the most popular shows and ran for 86 episodes.

Though she has written books and acted in movies, a major portion of her net worth has come from her acting stints on TV. She has also earned through royalties of the TV show Saved by the Bell.

Lark Voorhies is a multi-talented person who has successfully chased her dream of becoming a successful actor. A dedicated and hard-working artist she has won praise for her awesome performances delivered at a young age.