Kristina Sunshine Jung: Mother, age, Net worth, wiki bio of George Jung Daughter

When you watch a drama movie based on reality is like you have been there and experience the sequences in the film as if you were directly involved. But when the film is inspired by the life of your father, became more difficult to watch it and to relive parts of your life that maybe you wanted to forget.

Kristina Sunshine Jung saw parts of her life in “Blow,” a 2001 movie inspired by the life of her father, George Jung, one of the biggest drug traffickers in the United States back in the 70’s and 80’s.

Kristina Sunshine Jung is a daughter of Drug lord George Jung and mother Mirtha Jung

Kristina Sunshine Jung was born in 1978 and is the daughter of George Jung and Mirtha Jung. With a husband, one of the biggest drug traffickers, who smuggling vast quantities of cocaine into the US is difficult to keep the distance of drugs and not become a drug addict.

Kristina Sunshine  Jung’s Father George Jung

For Kristina has been hard to grow up in such a family but at least her mother Mirtha went clean in 1981, in the name of her daughter, when she was only three years old.

The two of them have a great mother and daughter relationship. She is very thankful to her for changing her life, and she appreciates how strong incredible and amazing women she is Kristina’s parents divorced in 1984.

Most of her life, her father, George Jung was in and out of prison and in 1994 things became different and Kristina’s dad George was sentenced to very long time, 60 years in prison. He decided to testify against his partner Carlos Lehder Rivas, and after that, his time in prison was reduced to only 20 years, and he was released in 2014.

Mirtha Jung, mother of Kristina Sunshine Jung & ex-wife of George Jung

Mirtha Jung, mother of Kristina Sunshine Jung & ex-wife of George Jung


Kristina Sunshine Jung career and profession

Kristina Sunshine Jung was keeping her life private even with the popularity of her father, and on the matter of her career and job, there isn’t anything to reveal. The fact that she became popular only because of his father explains it all.

She, however, has her Facebook account where she identifies herself as being a writer and a poetess. Kristina also promotes BG apparel and merchandise and seems to be an energetic entrepreneur.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Net worth, house

According to with some sources, her net worth is around &150.000 and apparently she is living with her husband and children in a lovely house in California. Leaving all the illegal activities behind her dad has started a business where Kristina gives an extra hand, which should increase her net worth shortly.

Where is Kristina Sunshine Jung today? What is she doing?

After her father George Jung was released from prison in 2014, they started working together on their new family business George Boston Apparel and Merchandise, Inc.

They have a great relationship now, and they appeared together at different events. Now Kristina Sunshine Jung is a great entrepreneur, and she successfully promotes BG Apparel and Merchandise at different events.

Along with her father, she has built a successful brand. On the BG Apparel and Merchandise website is a short description of who is “Boston George” (Kristina’s father nickname when he was a drug trafficker), along with an exciting brand slogan:

 “I can’t sell dope anymore so now I sell dope clothing”.

Those are Kristina’s father’s words in 2016.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Facebook Page

Kristina Sunshine Jung Facebook Page

Short biography including age

Kristina Sunshine Jung, now named Kristina Karan after married with Romain Karan was born in 1978, and she is 39 years old. She is the daughter of Father Drug lord George Jung and mother, Mirtha Jung. There is no information on whether she is still married to Romain Karan, but they have children together. Apparently, she leaves in California. She is now an entrepreneur and with her father started a family business BG Apparel and Merchandise.

The relationship between her and her famous father, George Jung was depicted in 2001 movie “Blow.”