Ken Shamrock Net Worth

Every profession should be respected! When you have a dream or a passion, you must follow it with full zest and determination. One such name comes to our mind when we talk about dreams and following your passion. Ken Shamrock is the name!

Ken Shamrock is a mixed martial art artist, retired wrestler and UFC Hall of Famer. The retired wrestler has been on a roll! He had a good run and started big but there is a shelf life for every artist or wrestler. You must be excited to know his story! Well, we are right here to share with you Ken Shamrock’s early life, career, achievements and net worth as of 2018.

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Ken Shamrock Early Life

Kenneth Wayne Kilpatrick was actually born in a Robins Air Force Base in Georgia. He lived there for first four years. Born in 1964 on 11th February, Ken Shamrock is an American.

Ken Shamrock Net Worth

Kenneth’s father was an enlistee in the United States Air Force. As for his mother, she worked as a dancer and a waitress. His mother was pregnant when she was just 15 years old and Ken came from a broken family.

Since Ken was from a broken family, he got into too many fights. Ken’s father abandoned the family and it shattered the mother and the sons. Ken’s mother got remarried to an Aviator Pilot. The family moved to Napa in California. Ken and his brothers could not fit in the neighbourhood and they usually got into fights. Eventually, they started taking drugs and got into trouble too many times.

At a young age of 10, Ken was stabbed too many times. When he was 13, Ken’s stepfather threw him out of the house. In a nutshell, Ken’s childhood was rough. At the age of 14, Ken was in Bob Shamrock’s boy’s home where his life turned around. Bob Shamrock adopted the young Ken and this is how he got his surname.

Ken Shamrock Career, Awards & Achievement

Ken Shamrock is a mixed martial artist and he is also known as one of the most popular fighters in sports. Ken was named as The World’s Most Dangerous Man.

Ken Shamrock had a successful career as a professional wrestler. He headlined 15 main events and was also the UFC Hall of Famer. Now that is a great achievement for a wrestler!

Awards & Achievements

Ken Shamrock started out big by being the UFC Hall of Famer and a professional wrestler. He is a mixed martial artist and styles include Muay Thai, Shoot fighting, kickboxing, and wrestling. He had 28 wins in his martial artist career and his wrestling career was soaring high but he enjoyed the fame for a little while.

Ken Shamrock is an MMA Legend and he had a good run in his own time. He had glorious days and he really made the MMA!

Net Worth of Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock had a good run in his early days! Later, he had financial problems through his life. You must be eagerly waiting to know his net worth. Let us find out Ken Shamrock’s net worth as of 2018!

Ken Shamrock has a net worth of $2 million. He does not have a fortune in his bank account but the fame he got was more than enough. After reading Ken’s history, you would feel good about your life as the former wrestler had to face a lot of trouble in life. Ken may be retired but he had a good run!

Ken Shamrock’s good days lasted for a while and he is known as the MMA Legend. Once known as the Most Dangerous Man, Ken Shamrock is growing old but he remembers his good old days!