Eniko Parrish Height: Her Ethnicity, Race,Birthdate, Wiki-Biography of Kevin Hart Wife .

Eniko Parrish has been happily married to Kevin Hart for quite some time now. The talented actor, Kevin Hart is one of the most recognized actors and comedians in the United States. The guy has definitely built a name for himself in the entertainment world. And most certainly most people know about this man, his fame speaks for itself. But how much do you know about Kevin Hart’s Wife? Get to know about Eniko Parrish wiki type biography to know her Ethnicity, Race, and Height.

Eniko Parrish Height: How tall is Kevin Hart Wife?

Some people might think that a Man must be taller than his wife, but the relationship should be more about love and less about height and other body measurements. Eniko Parrish and Kevin Hart have proved this. Eniko Parrish Height is 1.71 Meters ie she is taller than Kevin Hart whose height is 1.63 meters.

That makes Eniko Parrish Height 0.08 Meter taller than her husband.

Eniko Parrish and Kevin Hart Happily Married since 2014 and they have a son together, Konzo.

Eniko Parrish has been married to his longtime boyfriend Kevin Hart for quite some time now. Kevin Hart wife has been a center of public interest since the duo married. The two met way back in 2011, and they began dating.

After years of highly publicized dating, the two finally got engaged in 2014 and they officially married in 2016 in California. The wedding was one of its kind attended by celebrities and family members.

The couple has one child together.  Their baby boy  Konzo was born in November 2017 and has been a joy bundle to the family.

Kevin Hart with his wife Eniko Parrish

Eniko Parrish with husband Kevin Hart

Immediately, the boy was born, the comedian took to his social media accounts to share the good news to millions of his fans across the world. The humorous actor also acknowledged and thanked his wife for bringing in a new joy to the family.

Eniko Parrish is not Kevin Hart’s first wife.

It is worth noting that Eniko Parrish is not the first wife of Kevin Hart. The Philadelphia born comedian has been married before. He was married to Torrei Hart, a North Philadelphia born model and an actress. The duo was married for sometime before finally divorcing.

They got married in 2003 and divorced in 2011. It is not clear what really led to the divorce, but Torrei Hart accused Kevin of infidelity and that he was cheating on her. Torrei has often been heard saying infidelity ruined their marriage.

Eniko Parrish with her family at MTV movie award

Eniko Parrish with husband Kevin Hart and kids Hendrix Hart and Heaven Hart

The couple had two children together before finally divorcing in a court case that was highly publicized. Their son Hendrix Hart is ten years old, and their daughter called Heaven is 12 years old.

It is not clear as who is the custodian of their children as at now. However, Kevin Hart’s wife, Eniko has often expressed closer ties with Kevin’s children with Torrei Heart. He Instagram is full of photos of them enjoying good moments together. Their relationship is therefore superb.

There has been an extensive debate in the recent past concerning the relationship between Kevin Hart, Eniko Parrish, and Torrei Hart. Torrei Hart has referred on many occasions Eniko as a home wrecker. The ex-wife of Kevin Hart has accused Eniko of breaking her marriage with Kevin. However, Kevin has often come in defense of his current wife.

Her career and profession

Kelvin Hart’s wife, Eniko is an aspiring model and an actress. She became a common name in Hollywood when he finally married the Hollywood star, Kelvin Hart. The woman with outstanding beauty and physique has maintained her beauty even giving birth to her firstborn son.

Eniko Parrish relocated from Boston to Los Angeles to pursue her career in acting and modeling. She is due to appear in the near future with the help of her husband is some films and movies. Eniko enjoys a great following on her Instagram page.

Her family, parents, and siblings

The parents of the celebrated Hollywood couple Kelvin Hart and his wife Eniko Parrish emigrated from Jamaica long before Parrish was born. Her parents are of African and Chinese origin.

However, little information is known about his parents, and their identity has remained unknown. It is also not known as to whether Kevin Hart’s wife has any other siblings or not. She has never shared anything about them.

Wiki-biography, ethnicity, age, birthdate

Kevin Hart's Wife Eniko Parrish

Eniko Parrish was born on 18th August 1984. The upcoming actress and model were born in Baltimore, Maryland United States of America. Little information is known about her educational background.

She holds American nationality, and she is a mixture of African and Chinese ethnicity. Her black ethnicity, however, is dominant. At the moment, Kevin Hart’s wife is 33 years old, and she will be celebrating her birthday some few months from now.