Kate Rorke Bassich Wiki-Bio: Net Worth, Age, Husband, Divorce: Why did she leave the show? What Happened?

If you are a keen follower of national geographic, you probably know this intelligent and eloquent woman Kate Bassich. She was one of the main casts on ‘Life Below Zero,’ a documentary show that aired on national geographic. Life below Zero features the lives of hunters as they struggle to make a living in Alaska. Read on to know more about Kate who despite not being born in Alaska familiarizes herself with the conditions really fast. This article brings you information on her private life including her marriage life, relationships, net worth and much more.

Kate Rorke Bassich Married To A Husband Andy Bassich. Now They are separated. Here’s Why.

Until 2016, Kate was married to one Andy Bassich. The couple had been in a relationship for 10 years before they decided to call it quits.So yes, this beauty could be available.

Both Kate and Andy have had children together even though the two have not revealed detailed information about the children.

She once mentioned her youngest daughter in an interview but there being no fine details, it’s clear that the family prefers keeping their children’s life private.

Kate walked out of her marriage after it became abusive. She plans to write about her experiences and probably mentor some women someday, as a public speaker. We surely wish her good tidings as she seeks to rebuild her life and stand again.

Beautiful Couple: Kate Bassich and her husband Andy Bassich

Caption:- Life Below Zero stars Kate Bassich and Andy Bassich

Net worth

Kate earned a handsome salary while working for as part of the cast on ‘Life Below Zero’. Though Kate Bassich exact salary is not revealed yet; earnings from the show plus her income from the dog mushing school amount to a net worth of around $100,000.

She enjoyed life at frigid Alaska and had a great time working with other hunters and survivors who included her ex-husband Andy, Glenn Villeneuve, Chip Hailstone, Agnes Hailstone, and Sue Aikens.

‘Life Below Zero’ Kate Rorke Bassich's Net Worth is $100,000

Caption:- ‘Life Below Zero’ Kate Rorke Bassich’s Net Worth is $100,000


It is hard to know about Kate’s family background. She has not been on record speaking about them. There is no information that has ever been shared by Kate about either her parents or siblings.

Roker set foot in Alaska for the first time as a tourist. She must have loved the state as she stayed there for around 12 years after that.

She continued living in the cold city and only left after the bitter separation with her husband, Andy Bassich.

Why Did She leave the show? Is she coming back?

Kate is a TV personality and rose to fame after appearing as the cast of ‘Life Below Zero’ that aired on Discovery TV. This brilliant intellect was born in 1956, which makes her 61 years old as of the time of writing this article.

After she left the show, thousands of followers wanted her to come back saying the show isn’t all good without her.

Asked whether she would return to TV shows again, Kate says that no one knows what the future could bring along.

‘Life Below Zero’ Kate Rorke Bassich's mat com back to T.V in Future

Caption:- ‘Life Below Zero’ Kate Rorke Bassich’s mat com back to T.V in Future

Source:- Discovery 

She, however, expresses that she would be hesitant unless the course was more positive and true to life. Her split with Andy was the main reason why she left the Life ‘Below Zero’ show which left her ex-husband Andy with little more chores on his basket.


Name:Kate Rorke Bassich
Date of birth:1956
Age:61 years old
Occupation:TV personality
Marital Status:separated with Andy Bassich
Net worth:$100,000