Jon Taffer Net Worth 2018. Meet his Wife Nicole Taffer, Daughter Samantha & His First Wife.

Jon Taffer is one of those people with numerous jobs and has a career in a host of business.  Many of Jon’s fans know him as the host of the Bar Rescue which is a reality television show aired on the Paramount  Network. Taffer has a bar and nightclub. He is an operator and consultant, founder and owner of his own media company.  He is also an author and entrepreneur. Check out more about Jon Taffer Net worth in 2018. Meet his wife Nicole Taffer and daughter Samantha Taffer Hanley.

Jon Taffer Net Worth and salary in 2018.

Taffer is a businessman and a restaurateur whose net worth is currently standing at 10 million dollars.  There are many things that he does that have increased Jon Taffer net worth. Firstly, he is the owner of his consulting firm known as Taffer Dynamics Inc.

Also, he is also a consultant to a bar, restaurant, and several hospitality companies in different parts of the world.

His net worth started to increase significantly when he began the business of flipping bars and restaurants. With the experience of more than three decades, he has started more than 600 companies and now helps bar and restaurants.

Jon Taffer

He started appearing on television shows in 2011. The first show was Spike TV’s Bar Rescue.  The television show follows him as he strives to help flip clubs and bars.

The clubs struggle to grow and get back on their feet. They only need to submit an application to the Spike TV site, and the lucky business gets a free consultation. The program “Bar Rescue” is currently in its third season.  And needless to say, this contributes to Jon Taffer’s Net worth.

While many restaurants and bars have continued to become great, a couple of them have failed big time after he has made changes.

Taffer joined high school in Great Neck and later went to the University of Denver. He then moved to Los Angeles.  He landed his first job in 1989 where he started his Troubadour nightclub.  However, he got to manage a club in West Hollywood in 1978.

He was appointed the President of the Nightclub & Bar Magazine in 2010, and also the annual Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show. That’s not all there are other sources of income to add in Jon Taffer Net Worth, like writing books.

He wrote his first book called Raise the Bar. The book was published in 2013 and is also one of the few chosen in the Nightclub  Hall of Fame. He also owns the title of “Pub Master” in the United Kingdom. Now you know why Jon Taffer Net worth is So huge.

His married life with wife Nicole

Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer is happily married to a wife called Nicole Taffer.  The two are happily married and have a daughter Samantha Taffer, who is 28 years old now. According to this Bar rescue host, his daughter is the most treasured thing in the world.

He says he is not afraid of losing it all, just to make sure his daughter is always happy. Jon Taffer and his wife Nicole are in a happy and healthy relationship.

He says that his wife, Nicole is the only person in the world who can keep up with his angry attitude and boring life. This bar rescue host lives with his wife Nicole and two dogs in Los Angeles. This bar rescue star admits he is an angry person and often gets into a fight.

image of Jon Taffer with his wife Nicole and daughter Samantha

Jon Taffer with his wife and daughter

Jon Taffer daughter Samantha Taffer is married to husband Cody Hanley.

Jon Taffers daughter Samantha is married, and we know because he posted a picture of her in a wedding dress with a caption,

My last picture with Sam as a Taffer just moments before I walk her down the aisle! #wedding#proudfather

Image of Jon Taffer and daughter Samantha taffer in wedding dress

Samantha is married to a man named Cody Hanley so now she writes her name as Samantha Taffer Hanley. She uses the same name in social media profiles like facebook and twitter.

image of Samantha Taffer Hanley with her husband Cody Hanley

Ther is nothing much known about Jon Taffer’s daughter Samantha Taffer’s husband Cody Hanley. But what we do know is Cody graduated from University of Kentucky in 2007.

image of samantha taffer and her husband Cody Hanley

Although it has been quite some time since they got married in 2015, the couple doesn’t have kids yet. When she is asked about when she is going to have a baby, she replies, “when we are ready”. But Samantha and Cody do have a dog that they love very much and often seen posting images on social media profiles.

image of Jon Taffer daughter Samantha, her husband Cody and a dog

Who is Jon Taffer first wife? Why did they divorce?

Although many fans would love to know more about Taffer’s first wife,  there isn’t much other than the fact that he was once married before meeting his wife, Nicole.

Short bio, age, birthdate, family, parents

Jon Taffer was born 7th November 1954 in Great Neck,  New York, US. He is 64 years old.  He is quite tall, measuring 6 feet 2 inch – 189cm.

About Jon Taffer’s Parents, nothing is known about his father, but Yvette Taffer is the mother’s name.