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Curiosity to know more always creeps in with a bang and this happened with John Tice from “Mountain Monster.” Now, who is John Tice? And what is AIMS? These questions surely demand answers, shall we! Know more about Johnn “Trapper” Tice’s Net Worth, Married life, and wife in wiki bio.

Is Mountain Monsters John Tice dead or alive?

It was reported that in 2016’s January aired episode ended on a cliffhanger note, and people believed that John Tice passed away due to a fatal injury while an encounter in the woods. The rumors about John Tice’s death later turned out to be false as the manager declared the physical state of John was way better than injured, and they would start working again as soon as possible.

Fans of the show stormed all social media platforms paying their respects to the presumed dead John Tice, but later got the good news and requested the show to be aired again with a newer season.

John Tice with a cast mate from Mountain Monsters AIIMS.

Caption:- John Tice with a cast mate from Mountain Monsters AIIMS.

John “Trapper” Tice’s Net worth.

Little to no information about Mountain Monster John Tice’s net worth is given, but an estimated 700,000 dollars is considered to be the total net worth of this native outdoor investigator. He earns nearly 20,000 dollars from each episode of the show. This his only known source of income.

Mountain Monsters, John Tice's net-worth

Is John “Trapper” Tice Married To Wife?

Although John Tice from Mountain Monster has garnered enough fame through the TV series, little to no information has been received whenever the terms like his wife, married life or personal life are discussed. This suggests the fact that he likes to maintain a low profile regarding his private life, especially wife. The priority is work only. Nearly all the social media handles and other portals are running blank about his personal life. Quite secretive though!

Just like his personal life’s limited window, it is only known that John has a son who is living in Puerto Rico. His wife, son’s life, age, and other things are totally out of the radar. Once again, secretive stuff.

wiki-bio, age, birthdate. 

NameJohn R. Tice
Birth DateN/A
Net Worth700,000$

John Tice saw his genesis in 1947, West Virginia. From the very beginning, news of strange sightings in the woods of his birthplace ignited a peculiar interest in young John. This interest, coupled with a well-versed knowledge of survival techniques in the woods helped him in becoming a good hunter from a very young age. He was born as John R. Tice

Although not much is known about John Tice’s parents, his father was the one who taught him and made a hardened kid out of him at a very young age. Being a kid from the countryside, it was a natural trait which enabled him to navigate the dark woods with ease and hunt down whatever the call was.

Everything started to change the Vietnam War came into play, John was enlisted in the army, and he served throughout the war. His encounters with the Viet Cong in dense forests and vegetation filled areas wasn’t easy, yet he managed to gain the upper hand, all thanks to his navigation and survival skills which he mastered at a very young age. This experience alongside being an outdoor enthusiast enabled him to set up a team after his retirement. And hence AIMS was born.

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That’s all about John Tice’s Wife,  Net Worth and married life.

In the early 2000s, after taking a break from the military, John Tice from Mountain Monster decided to investigate the strange phenomenon and sightings of certain creatures which were only a part of ancient texts and folklore. People from his native place came up with their problems; John started paying heed to their information as he considered it to be his job.

So John decided to team up with a few friends of his who were expert hunters, navigators, trappers and most importantly those who knew the woods better than everyone else. Entered William Neff and Jeff Headlee and together they formed Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings, or better known as AIMS.

A still from Mountain Monsters. John Tice in the center.

Caption:- A still from Mountain Monsters. John Tice in the center.

The work of AIMS got the attention of producers, and they came up with the idea of starting a show about the same. The team came up with the name Mountain Monsters. It was a show all about the different cryptozoological sightings in the Appalachian Mountains. The center player of the show was John Tice, and his team members assisted him.

Together they started looking for answers to people’s questions. The show got a decent popularity rate as most of the viewers wanted to know whether such monsters existed in the real world or they were all just someone’s imagination. The first episode aired on June 22, 2013, with the latest one being aired on June 3, 2017.s