Johanna Griggs Wiki-bio, Net Worth, Husband, Ex-Husband, Age.

Fans of the reality television show House Rules were delighted with the news of the renewal of its sixth season. The show encompasses state of the art home renovations by six Australian state-based couples as broadcasted on the Seven Network. The show would not be as successful if not for its great including its host and presenter Johanna Griggs. Here is a deeper look at Australian Tv star Johanna Griggs net worth, husband, Wiki-bio and much more

Who is Johanna Griggs? Her career details

Before getting to know about Johanna Griggs Net Worth, let’s first find out about her career.

She is an Australian based TV presenter famous for hosting House Rules since its season 1 premiere in 2013. She has also been known to host other shows including Better Homes and Gardens. Her career in show business started off in the 90’s as the first guest of ABC’s Live and Sweaty as well as a Swedish Tourist on Home and Away.

Johanna Griggs had her roots in the Seven Network as early as 2001 where she hosted some of the longest-running sports programs like Sportsworld. Other shows include Auction Squad and House Calls to the rescue. She has also hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City.

Johanna Griggs Career

Caption:- Johanna Griggs is also a professional swimmer.

Prior to her life in television, she was a competitive professional swimmer in the early 90’s in the Auckland Common Wealth Games. She represented Australia and managed to come in 3rd winning a bronze medal. However, she had to quit swimming after she was hospitalized with pleurisy after battling chronic fatigue syndrome for years.

Johanna Griggs Net worth

She owes most of her fortune to her career in TV even as she started as a swimmer. She is not one to flaunt with expensive cars and living in mansions.

johanna griggs husband Todd Huggins Net Worth

Caption:- Johanna Griggs and her husband Todd Huggin’s Sorce of income is joint renovation and construction company.

Johanna Griggs Net Worth is $1.2 Million as of 2018.

Other sources of income include her joint renovation and construction company with her husband Todd. She has also organized the 2018 Commonwealth games.

Johanna Griggs is Married To Husband Todd Huggins After Divorce from former Husband Gary Sweet.

Okay, Enough about Johanna Griggs Net Worth. Now let’s find out more about Todd Huggins, her husband and also more about Gary sweet, her former husband. Oh and wait until you get to know her kids.

The former Australian swimmer is indeed married with grown-up kids. She describes her husband Todd Huggins, a building foreman by profession as the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

Johanna Griggs and husband Todd Huggins met at a couple of weekend dinner parties and instantly hit it off. In fact, she recalls throwing herself at him during their first few encounters as it was love at first site. It wasn’t long before they got married in 2006 at a private ceremony based in Sydney, Australia.

Prior to Todd, the 44-year-old actress was married to her former husband Gary Sweet, also an established actor. He is famous for his act on Television on Stingers, Police Rescue, Alexander’s Project where he starred as Steve and much more.

The former lovers got married in 1996 but only lasted 3 years together owing to their divorce in 1999. However, they were blessed with two sons, Jesse James and Joe Buster.

johanna griggs husband Todd Huggins kids family

Caption:- Johanna Griggs with husband Todd Huggins and Newborn Baby

The youngest son, Joe and her partner Katie made her proud by making Joh a grandmother owing to the birth of their baby boy named Jax in March 2018. The family couldn’t be any happier as seen on the Instagram handles sharing their bundle of joy.

Wiki-bio, age.

NameJohanna Leigh Griggs
SpouseTodd Huggins
Ex-husbandGary Sweet
KidsJesse James, Joe Buster
BirthdateOctober 17th, 1973
Birth PlaceQueensland, Australia
Net worth$1.2 Million.
Height6 ft

Johanna Leigh Griggs was born on October 17th, 1973 in Queensland Australia. Details on her early education and birth parents are still scanty since she has chosen not to reveal them. However, the 44-year-old developed a passion for swimming while very young. She went on to represent Australia in a 100m backstroke event where she won a bronze medal and has since then moved on as a TV personality.


The Australia born TV presenter Johanna Griggs is happily married to her husband Todd Huggins since 2006 and couldn’t be happier. The two do not have any children of their own, but he does share the love for her two sons from her former marriage, including their new grandson Jax. The 44-year-old now juggles her work as TV presenter adding substance to her net worth and being a grandmother.