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Joseph Teti commonly known as Joe Teti is a military officer in both the US Military and the Government Special Operations units. He has worked as an operator in the Counter Terrorist unit in the government. As a combat veteran of both Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), he planned and conducted missions that involved the entire continuum. Apart from being a military officer, he has also become one of the popular TV personality from a TV show “Dual Survivor”. Check out his age, married life, and wife in wiki type bigraphy.

Dual survivor Joe Teti Age, Married life, and Wife.

Being a military officer Joe married life and wife have not been made public. However, it is to be noted that Joe Teti is married despite that information not being available. Joseph N. Teti joined the military at the age of 18, he was able to rise through the levels as the years passed by.

Joe Teti’s age as of 2017 is 43 years old.

Joe Teti Net worth.

As per mid-2016, Joe’s net worth had accumulated to $300000. This had accumulated from his work as a military officer from the age of 18 and his acting career which kicked off in 2013. As a military officer, he worked with both the Iraq and Afghanistan operational units. Through expertise and focus on his job, he was able to rise through the levels as well increase his salary with time.

He does not just stop at being a military officer and an actor Teti has extended his efforts by offering fitness training and also motivational quotes. Some of his common motivational words include the ones related to working out. According to Joe Teti, it takes sacrifice discipline effort and focuses to get what one wants most in working out.

Joe Teti's net worth is $300000

Joe Teti net worth is impressive

Dual survivor Joe Teti’s wiki type biography, birth date, knife, height.

Dual Survivor Teti is a Pittsburgh native. While in high school he was an athlete giving him an upper hand in his military career as well as his fitness training. At the age of 18, he joined the military where he worked until retirement. Soon after his retirement Joe was cast in the reality show Dual survivor which was in its third season.

Having graduated from over 30 special operations schools, Joe is highly skilled in his field of expertise. Due to his highly diversified skills, he was able to perform a high-risk operation in Afghanistan. (Personal Security Details). Other than being a military officer he is also an actor; he was cast in the film “dual Survivor” as one of the co-stars from the 3rd season.

Joe’s wiki indicates that he is married though details on his wife and married life remain hidden to the public. He is known to be a proud owner of a special kind of knife (SURV TAC 7)  which 100% USA hand crafted. According to Joe, he designed his own knife by teaming up with “tops knives” to ensure that his knife was custom made. The knife has the following specifications:

Overall Length 14.0

Blade length 7.0

blade thickness 25

Weight 1lb 2 oz

Handle black linen Micarta.