Jessi Combs Net Worth: Is she married to a husband? or dating boyfriend?

Jessi Combs is an American TV personality and a professional racer who has appeared in many television shows and car racings.  It is not actually known whether Combs is dating anyone or not let alone marriage. It has been noted with a peculiar verdict that Jessi has neither introduced any man in her life. Let’s Find out her Net Worth.

Is Jessi Combs Married to a husband? Or dating a boyfriend?

Jessi Combs has never been married to a husband. In fact, her private life as far as her relationships is concerned has become a center of debate as she never flaunts it publicly or on social media.

Some media reports previously had hinted on Jessi having a boyfriend and were said to be seriously involved that marriage bells were inevitable.

According to unconfirmed sources, the man in context was Chris Jacob, her fellow cohost, but it was just but a rumor that never came to pass. Media had also reported that she was dating Patrick Mclntyre.

Jessi later rubbished off the claims saying that Patrick was just but a close friend.

Jessi Combs Net worth

She no doubt has made tremendous success in her careers. As a television personality, She was awarded several accolades that thrive her financial benefits increasing her Net Worth.

She also made a fortune as a racer and also she is a businesswoman and her business range from one spectrum to another.

A total summation of Jessi’s net worth is actually over $1 million dollars. These sum of money has been made by her through her career in television and being a racer.

Jessi Combs Net Worth is $ 1 Million

Caption:- Jessi Combs Net Worth is $ 1 Million

It is also noted that she has appeared in several shows, series and some short movies. All these have contributed to her making a huge amount of Net Worth.


Jessi Combs graduated from WyoTech college. It has been confirmed that he was always at the top of her class in Collision and Refinishing Program.

As a result, Jessi and other graduates were given a chance by WyoTech to manufacture a car for six months that was to be exhibited in Special Equipment Marketing Awards( SEMA). She also holds academic credentials in Street Rod Fabrication and High-Performance Powertrain Programs.

She has played a bigger role in television. She has co-hosted several programs. Some of the programs include All Girls Garage in October 2011, Overhaulin’sRelaunch in Discover channels and Spike TV show Xtreme from 2005- 2009.

Jessi Combs has also appeared in several television shows and series including MythBusters appearing for twelve episodes and AOL Autoblog Show The List of 1001 Things To Do Before You Die.

She is a professional racer. She has held soo many records in racing since 2011. In 2013, Jessi set a world record in land speed .she became the fastest woman in the universe on a vehicle with 398 mph with a top speed of 440 mph.

On 9th October 2013, while driving the Noth American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger at the Alvord Desert, Jessi emerged the best claiming the women’s 4-wheel land speed record with a speed of 632 km per hour.

She broke the women’s record. On 7th September 2016, she sets a  new speed of 4777mph. In 2014, Jessi was an American Ultra 4 Spec Class national champion with  Falken Tire.

She reappeared in 2016taking the first position in King of the Hammers while working with a team “Savvy Off Road” in the EMC modified class.

Short Wiki-Bio

She is of American nationality and of the white race. Jessi has an energetic physique. Her body is compact and well-maintained body shape and an easy going personality with an attractive figure.

Jessi Combs is of tall height standing at 5.7 feet and is now 34 years, but her looks stand of teenagers thanks to her well-maintained body through exercises.