Jeremy Stoppelman Net Worth

Jeremy Stoppelman is the co-founder of Yelp which is one of the most popular local business listing sites. Currently, he plays the role of CEO in the company. He was on the news when he turned down Google’s offer to take over the company in 2010, and two years later, he made the company public by listing it on the stock exchange. To know more about Jeremy Stoppelman and his net worth in 2018, read the following article.

Jeremy Stoppelman Early Life

Jeremy was born on 10th November 1977 in Virginia, US. He is an American Jewish. His mother was a teacher whereas his father was a security lawyer. Jeremy completed his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Illinois in 1999. Later on, he also attended Harvard Business School for a year. Jeremy is still a bachelor and currently dating Kelcey Morton who is a techie like him.

Jeremy Stoppelman Net Worth 2018

Jeremy Stoppelman Career, Awards & Achievement

Jeremy showed interest in computers and businesses from his teenage days. He started investing in stocks when he was just 14 years old. He always wanted to become a game developer. He started his professional career at Home Network before moving on to which is now called PayPal. This is where he met Max Levchin who became a big investor in Yelp at a later stage. Jeremy became the Vice President of Engineering at Paypal but left the company once it was taken over by eBay in 2003.

The idea for Yelp came in his mind in the summer of 2004 when he was struggling to get a recommendation for a local doctor. This was when he collaborated with his once PayPal colleague Russel Simmons to develop Yelp which will provide recommendations of local businesses to the users. The initial funding of $1 million was given by Max Levchin, and the company has now grown to be $4 billion net worth. In 2010, it was Steve Jobs who convinced Jeremy to turn down the acquisition offer from Google.

Awards and Achievements

Jeremy’s biggest achievement is that he is the co-founder of a multibillion-dollar company. In 2010, the company had only 30 employees, but the company’s turnover was around $30 billion. As a young entrepreneur, another milestone in his life came when he boldly turned down the billion dollar offer from Google to acquire the company. Jeremy was the VP of Engineering department in PayPal. He has been awarded for his unique management style whereby he sits among his employees rather than having an office in a far corner.

Net Worth Of Jeremy Stoppelman

The estimated net worth of Jeremy Stoppelman is more than $300 million. The initial source of income was his job at PayPal where he was the Vice President of Engineer. But his ultimate source of wealth is the company he co-founded, and he holds 11% of company’s share. He does not take any amount for being the CEO of the company.

Jeremy Stoppelman wants to expand Yelp beyond a local business recommendation site. The company has already acquired a few diverse companies under his leadership, and they are also investing in various related businesses like online food ordering service, restaurant reservation and likewise. His immense experience and management style is sure to push Yelp to new levels of success in coming years.