Ghost Adventure Jay Wasley wiki-bio: Married, Wife, net worth, Girlfriend

There are many things that go beyond science and reason. I am talking about the mysterious paranormal whose darkness enough makes people want to disregard it. While some of us are even afraid to dwell on this subject, some people like to go on adventures. I am talking about people like Jay Wasley who take it as a job to encounter the unknown like ghosts, spirits, and even demons. Find out about his personal life like if he is dating a girlfriend or married to his wife. Don’t forget to read about his career and wiki.

Is Jay Wasley married to a wife or dating a girlfriend?

Jay Wasley when it comes to his personal life is a really secretive life and hasn’t spoken much about it to the media outlets.

However, we don’t need to know about Jay’s personal life from other outlets when we can investigate it ourselves. Now many of his fans or the followers of his show ‘Ghost Adventures’ may already know about his married life with wife Ashley.

Ashley is also a member of Jay’s crew in ‘Ghost Adventures‘ until a demon, yes people a demon got so attached to her that it caused her a lot of problems.

Since then we haven’t really heard from Ashley except every now and then. While there has been no big news from the married couple we suspect that perhaps they have been through a divorce.

A Reddit user by the name AceTrainerMaso had asked about Ashley and also mentioned that she already had a divorce with Jay Wasley. All the comments also read about the divorce even though Ashley going by the Wasley surname in her social media accounts.

Jay Wasley with his girlfriend Morgan Cassiani

Caption:- Jay Wasley with his girlfriend, Morgan Cassiani

Source:- Instagram

So it can be considered that he is indeed divorced from his now ex-wife Ashley for unknown reasons so has he got any new partner.

Well though he may not talk about it much to the media we are very keen investigators. Jay’s Instagram account features pictures of a beautiful mystery woman who goes by the name Morgan Cassiani.

In one of her picture a fan even asked Jay if she was her cousin and he replied that she was his girlfriend. So there you have it, Jay is dating his new girlfriend, Morgan.

His Net Worth

Jay Wasley as you know is famous for the show ‘Ghost Adventures’ starring Zak Bagans. Jay Wasley as we all know is well recognized as a cast member of the show, but he is actually the cinematographer and also the Audio Visual Tech and Investigator for the show.

His career and skills make him a director, cinematographer and audio engineer. He has been producing and creating films, music, and art professionally since 2011.

So working for so long in his career, Jay must have quite a net worth reserved. Other things like his work in other projects like commercials, TV shows, and feature films should also be accounted for to get a proper net worth on him.

He joined the crew of ‘Ghost Adventures’ since their season 4 and since has been an integral part of it. All of his contributions must result in a huge net worth that is still under evaluation.

Jay Wasley Wiki-Biography:

Jay Wasley is a man of few words regarding his life outside of work, so we have a scarce wiki on him. According to his biography, he is currently 36 years of age, his birthday lying on November 19. He was born in 1981 in New York, USA. He has an adorable black and white dog named Digsby that appears frequently on his Instagram profile.