Is Andrea Tantaros Married to a Husband? Or still dating a boyfriend?

Andreana Kostantina Tantaros was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania on 30th December 1978 and it’s where she was brought up. She studied at Parkland High School. The father of Andrea Tantaros is an immigrant of Greek and the mother is of Italian descent. She worked on her family’s Pied Piper Diner. Tantaros graduated with a degree in French and Journalism from Lehigh University. The Sorbonne in Paris is where she completed her studies. After she returned from Paris, she moved to Washington, DC. She is an original co-host of “The Five” and was a co-host of “Outnumbered” on Fox News Channel. In 2016, she filed a suit on Fox News and her claims were sexual harassment. Find out the fascinating details on whether Andrea Tantaros has a boyfriend or if she is getting married soon.

Andrea Tantaros boyfriend and dating life

The gorgeous anchor of Fox News seems quite happy with her love life. Apparently, she has a boyfriend though he is one that you couldn’t think she would get attracted to. It appears that the beautiful Tantaros’ boyfriend is a rapper by the name Dave Navarro. Being the great host that she is, not many would guess that Dave is the boyfriend. The relationship between the two is said to be going quite well. The two have been dating for quite a while now. Rumor has it that Dave and Tantaros have been dating since 2005. Well, this shows that the lovebirds are not letting go anytime soon. The dating period between the two has taken a long time and we hope to spot Andrea in an engagement ring soon, instead of Dave Navarro being just her boyfriend.

Rapper Dave Navarro with his new Fox News Host girlfriend Andrea Tantaros

Caption: Andrea Tantaros with her rapper boyfriend Dave Navarro

Source: Daily Mail

Is Andrea Tantaros getting married anytime soon?

This is one of the most asked questions by fans of both Dave and Andrea. Perhaps it’s because they can’t hide their shock. The couple has been spotted holding arms as they walk across New York City. Then again the question is do they plan on getting married anytime soon? Well, this is something that the two have not shared with anyone. Dave is known to be a Casanova since he has been married severally and gotten divorced. This doesn’t seem to bother Tantaros as she makes it too obvious that she is madly in love with the songwriter in her tweeter account. Tantaros might be considering to get married but is taking her time to make sure that she is not wrong about her soulmate. Considering the personalities of the two, let us hope that getting married to each other won’t turn out to be Andrea’s worst mistake. Similarly, Dave Navarro has been seen taking the relationship seriously and he doesn’t shy away from showing his love to Tantaros. The couple has not indicated any signs of splitting up; we are eagerly waiting for the big day when they will confirm that they are getting married.